Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Epic Shopping Today

Today I did some epic shopping.  Here's the photos.  Yes, I took photos.

I had several coupons that expire tomorrow.  So I went to CVS today.  The only thing on my list that I couldn't find was the Cascade.  Ended up with Charmin tissue, 2 body washes, 2 Jif peanut butter, 1 Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and 1 Orbit Gum.  Had to buy the gum because my coupons were MORE than  my purchase price.  The checker was unsure of how to delete a coupon so it was her idea for me to just buy some gum or candy at the register.  Here's my grand total:

Up until today, my most epic shopping trip was a total of $1.09.  So, I beat my own record.  Tomorrow is my monthly grocery haul.  Can't wait to see how I do because I have many high value coupons to use.

In other news, Dancer Girl is going to another dance on Friday.  Suddenly the dress we bought several weeks ago isn't "right".  The whole deal with us when buying that dress was that she would wear it to two different functions.  But now she really, really wants a new dress.  She went online and kept pulling up dresses to show me yesterday.  So after my CVS trip I decided to go into Kohls and just look at their prom dresses.  My main goal was to narrow down the choices so that when I take her this afternoon shopping I've already scouted out dresses for her to consider.  And look what I found:

This dress is very similar to the one she pulled up online.  They didn't have many dresses left that were the black/pink combo.  So I was happy to find this one. And then I looked at the price tag.

It's a little blurry.  See?  I need a new camera.  Basically $68.00 on sale for $20.40.  PLUS I had $5 in Kohl's cash that I contributed to the cost.  That means it was $15.40 plus tax.

Now to our house.  This blog is about selling our house.  The other news I include is just there to entertain myself.  We lowered the sale price today.  We have a showing tomorrow.  We think the couple coming to see the house tomorrow is NOT a repeat visitor.  They are brand new.  Ironman is at the house today while the contractor replaces one of the windows.

Yesterday on CNN I listened to a woman discuss how to sell your house in this economy.  She said two things;
1.  Improve your curb appeal by planting flowers and primping the yard.  (really?)
2.  Lower your price.

That was her advice.

For buyers her only advice was to make sure your credit score is extremely high and that you have a significant down payment.  

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