Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lowering the price

It's time to renew our realtor contract.  And she suggests that we lower the price.  A few weeks ago I wanted to lower the price, Ironman did not.  So we asked the realtor and she said we were getting regular showings and we should wait to do that.  I guess waiting time is over.

I am ready to sell.  We are having to spend more money to replace the window that was of concern in the home inspection.  We also paid a plumber to upgrade those few tiny things in the guest house.  We paid an engineer to give us a report on the slab.  We paid a contractor to upgrade a few more things.  We are tired of paying people to work on a house we don't live in.

Then our neighbor put up a huge fence right on the property line.  Yes, it's his property and he could do it if he chose but it is so U.G.L.Y.  Nobody in the neighborhood has an ugly fence like that.  It's already an unattractive house, and now it's even less appealing.

Yesterday at work I heard about a job opening for next school year.  I think I'll throw my hat in the ring.  Why not?  It would be full time, though.  On the other hand, I could get a tuition cut for Dancer Girl.

I'm having a tooth pulled and an implant next week.  This tooth has given me fits for 30 years.  No joke.  The dentist told me I could have another root canal but he was uncertain if it would fix the problem.  I may be back in his chair once again in 5 - 6 years.  Ready for yet another root canal.  My other option is to pull it and replace it with an implant.  I thought about it for a couple of days and decided I want it pulled.  I've heard there's "nothing to it"  Well, we'll see.  Should I take photos for the blog?

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