Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Inspection

So far our house is still under contract. We are hesitant to celebrate. I think we will hold the celebration until we leave the closing meeting with the attorney. I have not told I.T. girl or Dancer Girl about the contract. I did tell The Engineer and he was happy.

We got word on Thursday the the home inspector would be doing his thing at our house on Friday. Because we do not live full time in this house, we weren't told an exact time. But that did not keep me from thinking about it all day Friday. Will the air conditioner pass inspection? The roof? The large window in the den? The plumbing? We have a guest cottage on the property. Back when we listed the house we decided to guarantee the cottage. We did not have to do that. But we wanted to make our property more attractive to a buyer. So yes, it's guaranteed and will have to pass inspection.

When we built the 2-story, 1 bedroom, 1 bath cottage, we did not complete the kitchenette area. It is plumbed and ready for a kitchen. We also did not have the septic tank enlarged. Or whatever they do about that. We were told we didn't need to replace it, that the existing one was adequate for all the bathrooms. But Ironman is concerned it won't pass inspection. He's done well, though, to not worry constantly about it. We have agreed to just wait for the report.

We also sat down and crunched the numbers and came up with a dollar amount that we can reasonable spend to bring the house up to code. To repair or replace anything turned up by the inspection. Now, I said REASONABLY. Every house has something and ours is no exception. The buyers are just going to have to decide for themselves what is important and what can "slide".

I will tell you this, when I'm the buyer? OH GLORY DAYS!! I WILL have that a/c unit inspected top to bottom, over and under and between. And then I'm going to call for a 2nd opinion. So whomever has my future house needs to be prepared.

I still haven't gotten enough time or energy to take photos of my makeup bag. That'll be fun. I will get around to it soon.

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