Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Showing at noon

So here we go again.  People come through my house, look around, and then leave.  Sometimes we hear comments but most of the time we do not.  We've gotten 2 sad offers since our house has been on the market.  And both times from someone who toured the house, waited a few days, toured again and then made an offer.  The last offer we got was 2 weeks ago.  After we countered we never heard from them.  Not even a courtesy call saying  "we decided we didn't want the house."  Nothing.  I talked to my realtor and our visit today is from these non-courteous people.  But hey, they are returning knowing what our offer to them contains.

I can't help but feel a little excitedly cautious when my house is being shown.  Today just happens to be a severe weather day.  Temperatures started out in the mid 60s but should be in the 30s by noon.  So there was a line of severe weather that passed through the city this morning.  The last time these perspective buyers toured my house it was pouring rain.

I actually think visiting a house in bad weather may be a good thing.  You can see if the window seals leak, roof leaks, plumbing overflows, driveway floods.  Ironman and I always drive through a new neighborhood after dark on a weekend to monitor the party animals on the street.  We are not interested in living in a wild section of the neighborhood.

We do have our eyes on a house for our family.  While at tennis team practice with The Dancer Girl I sat and visited with a fellow team member's mother who also moved here from out of town recently and lives in the neighborhood we like.  This mother is funny because she's from Maryland.  MARYLAND!  Where is that?  LOL  So she would tell me things about the city or about her neighborhood and then she'd say, "Is that a southern thing?"  I enjoy her.   She enjoys her new neighborhood but, like many people, worries about resale.

In other news, took The Dancer to the orthodontist yesterday for her first appointment.  Things are so high tech!  You check yourself in on the whiteboard, grab an iPod to play with as you wait.  Tech put her x-ray on the wall in a HUGE display so I could consult with the orthodontist who, btw, is THIRTY YEARS OLD if he's a day.  The Engineer and My I.T. girl both went to an orthodontist who was ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD so it's quite a change.  And such new treatment available.  I was amazed.  So after signing my life away financially we left with an appointment for next week to "get braces"  The Dancer is so excited and so proud.

I'm working on the last of my Valentines Day decorations.  And pretending to not wait by the phone for an offer on my house.

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