Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping Trip

So it's Monday again.  We're expecting a major weather change tomorrow.  Plus I have so many appointments and responsibilities that I decided to do my monthly grocery shopping trip today.  It's still January, but I'm going to count this on my February budget.  I have an excel spreadsheet (is that what you call it?  All I do is enter the numbers and the crazy thing does the rest.  So I can keep track.)  Well, whatever you call it, it works.  So today starts February.  In the world according to me. 
Do you know anyone who takes photos of their groceries?  HA  I just had to do it.  It was an epic haul for me.  And I wanted to show that I did not get all junk food.  Can you see the lettuce?  I also got grapes and bananas and chicken and fish.  

Went to Krogers.  Hit their mega sale.  Plus added my coupons.  And the loyal card discounts.

I had several "free" coupons:  Free excedrin migrain, BOGO orange juice, BOGO cheese, Free chocolate milk,  Free eggs with purchase of soy sauce, 2 free green giant frozen vegetable steamers with any Mrs Paul's purchase.  Do you know how long it's been since I've had Mrs Paul's fish?  But I couldn't pass it up.  Also, BOGO bread.  BOGO crescent rolls.  Plus many high value coupons that were going to expire today.  So I had to use them.  

 The Colgate was free after a doubled coupon.  Lots of yogurt.  Chicken and shrimp and oranges and grapes and bananas .  I had a full buggy.  And then I got to the checkout.  What's that rule coupon shoppers?  LOOK FOR THE MALE CHECKER.  Oh my gosh it makes such a huge difference.  They are always friendly, quick and do not fret the details.  It's worth it even if you have to wait in a line that is a little longer.  Choose the boy.

So here we go.  I had 99 items.  Ha  Just noticed that.  Should have bought some tic tacs to make it an even 100.  Oh well, next month.

Register Subtotal before any discounts, etc:  $260.24  I KNOW!  Made me have a hot flash
Swiped loyalty card -35.59
Scanned all my coupons - -$82.82
Used $7.00 in Kroger Cash Catalinas from last month.  LOVE THOSE  So that took more money off.
Grand total:  $134.83

Plus as I'm walking to the car I notice I have more Kroger Cash Catalinas:  $14.00 to use next time.  Wow!  

I see lots of shoppers with coupons in the store.  But more shoppers do not use them.
I have a full freezer now.  So I decided I needed more room.  What is taking up a lot of needed space?  COOKIE DOUGH.  Shoot, I guess I'll have to bake cookies just to get rid of the tubs of cookie dough.  Oh my gosh this is the best school fundraiser cookie dough I've ever had.  I am NOT sorry to see it go.
 My house is still for sale.

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