Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I was in Target
And look what I saw!  I haven't had this cereal since the 3rd grade!  Ironman said he's NEVER even heard of it.  Sometimes I wonder what planet he came from.  I didn't buy any.  You know, the old coupon thing.  Besides we have a stockpile of cereal to last us until the summer.  I went to Target to get the free dishwasher powergel tablets from Finish.  Target had the 10 pack for $2.44.  I had a manu coupon for .75 and a Target Q for $1.50.  The check out girl actually said to me "You have two .  Which one do you want to use"   I was surprised that a Target checker was unaware of the Target coupon policy.  When I told her she said, "Oh, that's a good idea to match a store coupon with a manu coupon."j
I had a job once like that.  Everyday there was a new "rule".  I never knew exactly what I was supposed to do or not do.  And a lot of the "rules" were justified b/c "That's how we've always done it'  There was no real reason to do it this way or that way.  It was just BECAUSE.  Makes a stressful job unnecessarily MORE stress filled. I often kidded around that on my last day on the job I would find out some crazy "rule" I had not been obeying and knew nothing about.  And do you know what?  It happened,  My very last day on the job I got the eye roll and the "you didn't know that?" from somebody I worked with.  Uh........... no.  And why, please tell me, is that the way?  Seems stupid to me.  So much wasted time on that kind of stuff.
And so another Saturday goes by and our house is still for sale.  Make an offer.

I think I"ll go to YouTube and find the Quisp Cereal Commercial.  Show it to Ironman.

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