Friday, January 28, 2011

Should we lower the price?

Last night the Ironman and I had a "discussion".  You know how "discussions" go when they are with your husband.  I asked him a question having already been thinking about it.  I usually do think things through before I speak.  (No comments from the peanut gallery)

I Heart Red Shoes:  "Should we lower the price on the house?"

Ironman, answering with a surprised attitude:  "You said you didn't want to"

I Heart Red Shoes:  "Well, that was back in July.  Now that it's almost February, I've changed my mind"

Ironman:  "We are not lowering the price."  End of discussion

I Heart Red Shoes:  "I'm not talking about slashing it like a clearance item at Target.  I'm just talking about lowering it enough so that the price drops down into a different search area.  I'm just ready to sell it.  A lower price might flush a buyer out of the woods'

Ironman:  "We are not lowering the price.  If it doesn't sell by summer, we'll think about it"

And so.......... the house remains at this price.  Actually we've already lowered the price once.  So lowering it again would mean doing it twice.  We decided to ask our realtor's advice......... should we do it now?  Wait a few more weeks?  Not do it at all?

The last time we sold a house it took 10 weeks.  And I thought, at the time, that it was the longest 10 weeks of my life.  HA!  CONTRAR MY CHILD!  Next week it will be February.

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