Friday, January 28, 2011

Craft Time!

I can not just sit around.  I have to be doing something.  What's my favorite store in the world?  Besides Target?  THE CONTAINER STORE.  I like to sort and organize and resort and put stuff away and take everything out of the drawer, change it around and then return everything to it's rightful place.  All is well in the universe when your cabinets and drawers are organized and tidy.  Living in a much smaller house has made this habit ESSENTIAL to our survival.  My good buddy, Miss label Maker and her friend, Martha, my glue gun have been busy.

Now, here's a quick little project I did.  And I'm going to do more for Alison's friends.  I wasn't sure it would work.......  but it did!  And one projects leads to an idea for another one  

Okay, here goes:  See this little batman bucket?  I found it in the dollar spot at Target.  The almost always have a version of this little aluminum bucket.  If you were having a batman themed party these would be super cute filled with batman masks and candy, etc.  But I wasn't interested in the super hero, I liked the bucket.  AND it was marked down half price.  So 50 cents.  I love half priced anything. And I knew at that price it didn't really matter if my idea worked or not.  

 So I painted over the entire bucket with primer.  This is the first coat.  To be safe I let this coat dry and I painted a second coat of primer. (not shown)  I just did not want Batman to show through.
 Then I painted the entire bucket blue.  (Forgot to take a photo)  After that I pulled out every single shape and ribbon I had in the bottom of the sewing basket.  I wanted to only use stuff I already had so I could say it basically cost me 50 cents.   Just glued on the decorations.
 I'm using it to store my blue sticks.  I did not paint the inside of the bucket.
This project is still in the works.  Found a cork bulletin board at Michaels in the clearance section for $3.  I guess they had it there because the cork had a dent in it so it was "damaged" but who cares about a little dents?  Hello little bulletin board.  It's not your fault somebody stepped on you.  I painted the frame black.  Should have sanded it but it just didn't cross my mind so the paint bubbled up.  I had to let it dry and then sand it and then paint it.  Took about 3 coats to get that dark shiny black.  Then I just measured and cut the fabric.  Glued it on.  Added the ribbon trim.  And so it's almost done.  Decided to make some rossette thumb tacks and it'll be good.  

This morning I found a GREAT project in the new Ballard Design catalog.  Can't wait to figure out how to copy it!!

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