Saturday, February 5, 2011

The sun is shining!

After 2 days of steady snowfall, the sun is shining brightly in the sky. And all that snow is melting into mush. But I like the sun so I"m not complaining. It's noticeable how much better I feel today having the sunshine. Dancer Girl and I went shopping to get her a dress for the Valentine Dance on Friday. Thank you Dillards. She did not want to go there, but I told her "let's just look around". They had many, many dressed in the junior department marked down half price. She tried on about 12 or 13 before deciding on one pink and black dress. $45. Thank you, thank you. Then we bought shoes and stockings and jewelry and we were finished! I'll have to take a photo of her on Friday night.

I hit a deal at Albertson's today. BOG2 chicken, BOG2 steak, BOGO ground turkey, and coffee. All i had were the in ad coupons from the Albertson's circular they have by the door. No manufacturer coupons at all. I was excited! Oh, and I had 2 bags of ice because we don't trust the pipes in this house and do not have our ice maker hooked up to a water source. So we pay for our ice.

Speaking of this house, I had to pay rent today. For the month of February. Every month I just KNOW it'll be my last month to pay rent. We have not heard a word about the counter offer we presented yesterday. Our realtor said she would work really hard to get this deal done. Well, get to working.

I have a pot roast on the stove. Going to throw in the potatoes and carrots in a few minutes. Thicken the gravy. The house smells like suppertime.

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