Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tired of feeling frustrated

Not to repeat myself over and over like an old woman but....... my house is still on the market.  STILL.ON.THE.MARKET.

We've heard all kinds of comments.
"too big"
"too small"
"yard is too much to care for"
"Wish you had a pool"
"love the guest house"
"What's the deal with the guest house?"
"What's the deal with your neighbor's fence?"  (man, if I only knew)
"What's the deal with your asking price"  LOL  Now, that one kills me.

Three deals up and three deals out.  Crazy.  Crazy, crazy, crazy.
People are quick to tell me their own tale of woe selling houses.  I've heard it all.

Today I took some photos of a few GOOD things around here.  Sure they are just little things.  But it's the little things that help me make it through the day.  Just the little stuff only I enjoy.  So, just for fun, here are a few:

This is my left over ribbon jar.  You know when you have just a couple of inches left, or you clip off the ends of a ribbon.  I just drop those little scrap ribbons in the jar.

My label maker.  Connects to my mac with a USB thingie.  So you can type anything and it'll print out on a label.  Currently, after my file makeover/organization afternoon, the label maker is empty.  Anybody know where I can get a coupon for labels?

My free stuff.  Free samples.  Free with purchase.  Free with matching coupon.  If it's free I'll get it.  And honestly there's more than in the photo.  We use those little shampoos, etc for traveling.  And let me say that the N.Y.C. brand nail polish that is only $1.24 regular price at Target is the BEST nail polish I have ever used.  No kidding.  And I've used the expensive stuff.  I should take a photo of Dancer Girl's nail polish collection.  I'll save it for next time.

School lunch menu.  We get a calendar of choices.  Circle your choice for the day.  I've asked and yes, you can change your mind as you go through the line.  (I guess they factor that extra food into their serving line)  It sure is nice to be able to have some control........ nice to be able to choose.  And there's a salad bar every day.  So if neither of the 2 choices appeals to you, you can always hit the salad bar.  Just a little thing but I've worked at schools where lunch wasn't fit to eat.  "Mystery Meat" took on a whole new meaning.

While I was in Dallas I OBVIOUSLY hit The Container Store and guess what they have?  Reusable shopping bags with the iconic graphic.  I was SO EXCITED.  And even better:  99 cents.  It's the little things.  Man do I love that store.

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