Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another milestone

Schools were closed today in anticipation of a big snowstorm. Wintry weather was predicted. "2 - 4 inches of snow," they said. It was a surprising yet exciting announcement on the evening news. We celebrated. I.T. girl was concerned that the school district would be forced to add another day to their schedule as this is our third school closure due to weather. Funny how things just stopped at the house. Homework ceased. No laundry rush. The organizational thoughts that swirl in my head as bedtime nears stopped. You know, "did I sign all the homework?" "Are Dancing Girl's leggings clean? As soon as the school closure list included our schools, activity stopped. It was like vacation mode set in instantaneously.

So this morning the house was quiet. No one had to get up early and prepare for the day. And it never snowed. Nope. No snow. No sleet. No freezing rain. Just a cold, cold drizzle the entire day. Apparently the air temperature did not drop as low as predicted and so the precipitation remained liquid.

But we weren't disappointed. We'll take a day off anyway we can get it.

Dancer Girl and I hit the orthodontist office by 10am. Big day for both of us. My last child getting braces. Wow. Amazing. Since we've moved I've noticed many professionals are younger than me. Uhhmm. The minster of the church we attend - younger than me. The dentist - younger than me. The orthodontist - younger than me. At least my OB-GYN is older! Oh, and I can't forget a very important professional - the girl who cuts my hair. Younger than me.

So Dancer Girl was excited but nervous. Now she looks so much older. Not a baby anymore.

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