Thursday, February 3, 2011

Third time's the charm

We had an offer on the house today. This is our third offer in this house selling drama. When the realtor called and said we should expect an offer she, at the time, had no details. Just that as soon as she herself got the written contract she would email us the details. And she did. Naturally, the first thing we scrolled for was the PRICE. And we laughed.
When the realtor called to see if we'd gotten the email we were still laughing.

"I can tell y'all got the email" she said, laughing herself.

So the offer was for $55K less than the asking price. Still, it is the best offer we've received so far. The rest of the contract was straight forward. No lines excluded. No lines added. No out of the ordinary demands such as "remove fence". Nothing like that. So that was a relief.

Still the little problem of the price. At this price, we would be selling for $100/sq ft. And that is probably how they came up with that number. We have decided that $109/sq ft really is out bottom line and is in the neighborhood range.
And so we countered. Gave them until noon Saturday to respond.

Before we did that, our realtor called their realtor........ sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? Or Junior High. We basically wanted to make sure these people are serious. That they are interested in doing a deal. B/C we are tired. And do not feel like playing a game. We will work with them. We are motivated and eager to sell. We paid to have an engineer inspect the guest house so that we could include it in the property sale as a guaranteed structure hoping to attract buyers.

And just to be clear, we also installed new carpet in the bedrooms, new appliances in the kitchen and repainted walls and trim. We hired a contractor to recondition the wood floors in the living area near the french doors as they had slight water damage. We hired a cleaning service to scrub the entire house top to bottom including light fixtures and the refrigerator. We left our refrigerator because it was too large for this little rent house. We will include it in the sale if the buyers are interested in it. I've always hated that refrigerator. Another story for another time.

Surely the buyers are expecting a counter offer. The offer states that they will have 100% financing from their lender. So the downpayment is not going to be an issue.

Third time's the charm.

In other news, it's snowing. Began as hail, turned to snow. C.O.L.D. As someone said at work today, "I need to move farther south!"

I need to add more photos but there has been nothing to photograph lately!

I did get a challenge to show "What's in your makeup bag" So I will try to get to that this weekend.


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