Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Inspection Report

Our realtor emailed the report to us. Wow. Nothing..... and I mean NOTHING on the report is a deal breaker. Here are a few of the deficiencies he noted:
The hot water heater in the little house needs a drip pan under it.
The shingles on the roof of the little house were installed incorrectly along the perimeter. Basically they are not overhanging the edge far enough.
No hand rail on the stairs leading to the back bedroom
Rust on the hinge of one of the french doors in the master bedroom. RUST. I mean, it's not rusted so much as to not function. It's just a little rust. Sand it, Paint it. FIXED.
Gutters need cleaning
Hair line crack in a tile in the master bathroom
Fireplace needs cleaning
One strip of siding is missing on the porch ceiling of the little house.
Condensation noted on the inside of one of the kitchen windows. He suspects the seal is broken.

There were a few other minor things.

None of those deficiencies are deal breakers in our view. The buyers should have gotten the report and negotiated with us for the repairs/replacements. But instead the inspector scared them to death. I'm sure he was opinionated and rude. I'm sure he told them they were buying a money pit. I"m sure he recommended they not buy that hunk of bricks. And they believed him. So they terminated the contract.

Beyond frustrating.

Ironman called a plumber to come and check the hot water heater and any other plumbing deficiencies. He assured us these little repairs/replacements were easy and no big deal and he would do them and then present us with a signed report about the efficient plumbing. That is UP TO CODE.

Ironman also called a contractor/carpenter to meet him at the house next week to look at the roof.

Ironman said he would take care of the tiny rusty edge of the french door.

And we'll replace that window. Nothing to it.

Crazy that the buyers would be scared off so easily. ANY house they find will have "stuff". Good luck finding a house that nice in town. They will regret not buying it. There is NOTHING else for sale in that town. Nothing else.

And so we are back to square one. Back up to full price. The realtor did say she has 2 showing scheduled for next week. I don't even want to think about it.

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