Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been that long?

Wow.  I haven't added to this blog since Thursday?  It's been a crazy couple of days.  We spent the weekend out of town for The Engineer's birthday.  Shopped and ate way too much and spent money.  Fun Fun weekend.  Happy Birthday Engineer!

Our house is still on the market.  We have had a plumber come through and do a few minor adjustments.  And I'm talking MINOR.  None of them were dealbreakers.  Ironman got quotes for replacing the big 2nd story window.  We paid half of the cost to have the window ordered.  Should be installed next week.  So that is about all we are willing to do. Ironman called last night and was in a bit of a tirade.  Our next door neighbor has erected this big old fence and moved it closer to our driveway!  I'm sure he did it because he COULD.  Since the house is vacant.  Well, it's not totally vacant.  But we do not live there full time.

We do have a showing scheduled for tomorrow late afternoon.  So at least the house is still getting walk throughs.  I checked on and our house is still the only 4 bedroom, 4 bath house for sale for miles.  And we actually have 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths.  If you key in the larger stats a few other houses do pop up on the market BUT they are priced well above ours.  So we are still waiting.

And so what do I do with time on my hands?  I completed the January I heart Organizing challenge.  Who cares that it's February!  I'll get to February's challenge in March!

Here is the proof:

 Bottom drawer. Oh goodness.  What a MESS .  I mean, you can't find a thing in there

Top Drawer. Now, the files are in alphabetical order.  So that's something.  But it's so messy!

Wow!  Bottom drawer now.  After the organization hit it.  I even pulled out the label maker.  And found new hanging files with tabs.  Put all the financial aid stuff in the back.

And here's the top drawer.  Do you see I have EXTRA SPACE?  Do you think I should delete those labels?  It's just the usual stuff.  Maybe I should.  And once again, new space in the back.  I put all the papers that have anything to do with our house we're selling in that box in the back.

And now here's my little work area in my little rent house.

It's not too, too bad.  Notice the new bulletin board I painted and added fabric and ribbon.  I also painted the lamp and put fabric on the shade.  That's a flower clip on the side.  And new files in the back for those things you need every day.  And my fave thing on the desk?

This caddy I got at Michaels.  Oh my gosh how did I live without it?  And it spins!  A place for everything.

Update:  My house has been on the market for TOO LONG.

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