Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holding my breath

We have news on the sale of our house. The potential buyers countered our counter. We are within $5K of each other. Our realtor said if she can get us to meet halfway, she will waive a part of her commission. Today I was ready to just accept their latest offer and shout it from the mountaintops. Ironman was not so eager. He wants to meet in the middle. We are going to wait until tomorrow to make a decision.

Tomorrow I'm working in the morning and then off to the dentist in the afternoon. It's supposed to be cold again.

My idea folder is full of crafty, cute, inspired ideas. Just waiting for me to open it up and get to work. I.T. girl and I looked through the clearance lamps at Target this afternoon but never found just the right one. We don't care about color - because we paint everything. We don't care about the lamp shade, because we cover and monogram everything. But we do care about the shape. And we just couldn't find one that was just right. So we will keep looking.

My new camera fund is growing. Yes, I could probably just go buy one now but with selling the house and all I don't want to spend that much money haphazardly. I'd rather save it up as I go. It's been fun to ask around and try out cameras. I've learned the camera body is not as important as the camera lens.

But back to my Target trip. I had only "deals" in my buggy. I told the boy checker that I had several "free" coupons and he even looked at them before he began scanning. Then can you believe he totaled my purchase and forgot to scan the coupons? So I had to go to customer service for a coupon refund. Thankfully, the lady working at customer service was not busy and knew just how to process the refund. So I got $12 back in cash. I thought they would credit my card.

I did not take a photo. But we had 4 boxes of cereal, 2 of them were free. One free excedrin migraine. Frozen broccoli (Bird's Eye) was .41 EACH. I got 5 since Ironman eats broccoli just about every night. Dog food. Grape Juice. Frozen strawberries and banana mix for smoothies. 1 gallon of milk. The milk was also free when you bought
2 keebler cookies any type. It did not state a size requirement so I just bought the smallest boxes I could find. And got the milk free. After all my free coupons, and all my Target coupons my total was $12.11. YIPPEE!

I promise tomorrow I will answer some challenges: From Kristin "Show us your make up bag" And from Danielle "Show us the favorite things on your desk" I can't wait!

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