Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is easier in ABC order

This is a good morning.  House to myself.  Candle and beverage and quiet.  Here's what I did!!
End of one month means purging my coupon binder, then adding the next month's new coupons.  So I got everything ready and went to work.   I decided that since I was purging and adding anyway I may as well rearrange some things that have been bugging me.  Like the labels.  I'm still not happy with them, but they are better than before.
Then I sorted through the expired coupons and added the new ones.
I decided to type and printed a new index page.  Once again, I hate microsoft word.  Can a word processing program be any more complicated?  I prefer AppleWorks.
My coupon binder is all clipped, clicked and ready.  The only problem:  ugly black cover.  It was a freebie, though.  Turns out it's not a view binder that you can slip in a new outside decorative sheet.  I can live with the black for a while.  But as soon as there's a binder sale I'll be stocking up on colorful ones!

Now if I could just sell my house.

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