Friday, April 29, 2011


Oh gosh, today was an exhausting day.  It began with a sleepless night and turned into a marathon of a day.  I actually fell asleep about 4:30pm and slept for over an hour.

Work was busy.  It's always busy in preschool but today seemed exceptionally busy.  I took the class to the playground after their music lesson to RUN.  RUN RUN RUN.  As soon as I noticed the energy fading we went back inside to paint and make patterns and count and read and all that other stuff.  It was just nonstop.  I talked to Headmistress about next year and what I wanted to do.  I'm still not sure what I want to do.  But we had a nice easy talk.  I need to decide as the deadline is approaching.

And now to our house.  Oh gosh, the house.  What is up with the house?  Ironman told me he talked to the realtor who "may" have a showing this weekend.  May?  You MAY? Okay, yes you may.  On second thought, don't even call me unless you have a contract.  Thanks.  Amen.

I missed Wynonna's interview twice today.  Gosh I'm great with the eastern/central time thing.  

What do I want for mother's day?
1.  nothing really
2.  a nap after which I wake up to a sparkling, clean house and supper cooking.  Preferable salmon and sweet potatoes.
3.  extra money in the bank account

Honestly.  That's what I want.

What I'm saving up for:
1.  A Nikon DSLR
2.  A silhouette cutting machine
3.  a new house - that should be #1

Mother's day.  It's an awkward day for me.  So awkward.  But I'm too wiped out to go into all that.  I'm taking some cold medicine and hitting the sack.

House for sale:  Day 345

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