Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey, it's okay even if it's Wednesday

Airing My Dirty Laundry has started a link party on Tuesdays.  Or any day.  Just list the things you are okay with............  give yourself a break on your quirkiness.

  It's Okay
            by Patti

 It's okay that I'm making this list on a Wednesday.  Even though it began as It's Okay Tuesday.  I'll organize all that next week on Tuesday as I don't want to wait!

  I went to bed last night with a few dirty dishes in the sink.  I am TIRED PEOPLE.

  I sometimes have a bowl of special K with vanilla soy milk after 7pm.

  I am frustrated with work.  I remind myself that most teachers are tired in May.

   (It's okay that this list is longer than I anticipated.  Obviously I have issues.)

  I have a couple of crafty projects sitting around waiting to be completed.  I will finish them.  After a nice, long nap.

  I will take a Duggar daughter over a Kardashian girl ANYDAY.  *Take her where?  I don't know..........dinner, I guess.

  the constant chatter of my two teen daughters makes me dizzy.

What is your "it's okay" list?


  1. It's okay I make my list throughout the week before, and cerial is the best late at night!

    1. Oh yes, cereal is a nice snack. I saw on Dr. Oz today that you should have a tablespoon of peanut butter at bedtime. To keep your blood sugar stable through the night. Hmmm I like peanut butter. I might just try it!

  2. At least the cereal you have at night is healthy! I sometimes have Lucky Charms or Trix.

    1. Makes me hungry for Sugar Smacks. (Do they still have those?)

  3. It's okay that I just ate an entire Toblerone chocolate bar, then sat down in front of the computer to blog instead of getting on the treadmill as I had promised myself I'd do.

    (I feel better already!) :)

    1. Quite freeing to just lay it all out on the table, isn't it. The treadmill will be there later. Much later. :)