Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Idol and other wonders


That's how I feel about American Idol this season.  Maybe the contestants are too ordinary.  The music is too familiar.   JLo talks too much.   (And I can't look at her without thinking of Ben Affleck.  And P. Diddy .  That can be quite distracting)

The only thing that'll get me to watch even for a few minutes is Steven Tyler.  Most of the time I'm saying, "uh........ what does that mean?"  Tonight he told Jessica she was like a train pulling into the station but then going on through............ something like that.  He talks in riddles.  Like Dr Seuss.

I've lost interest in the show.   This season we've watched the elimination show more than the competition night.

Today I read online that Dancing With The Stars is planning an All-Star Season.  Isn't that redundant since every season was supposed to be star filled?  It seems the producers want  to bring back the most popular stars from seasons past to jive once more for the mirror ball trophy.

Have you seen the new reality show Meet Mrs Eastwood?  I watched about 4 minutes of it before I fell asleep.  ZZZZZ

Other new reality shows I've seen  (some of them for just a few minutes)

Celebrity House Hunters  I watched Greg Brady shop for a new house in Malibu.  Beautiful properties.  I also went house hunting with Debbie Gibson in one episode and Shannen Doherty in the next.  The houses they tour are gorgeous.  So even if you don't know the celebrity, the real estate is fun to see.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis - Okay, I love this show.  I love Jeff Lewis. His dry humor and tell it like it is attitude makes me laugh.   And his assistants?  Great.  I just love it.  He moves in with a client for 5 days and completely remodels/redesigns/redecorates a room in their house.  Sometimes 2 or 3 rooms.  In the end it is as beautiful as a magazine.

Giuliana and Bill This is not a new show. It's the second season. Or maybe the 3rd. At first - I admit - I just knew Giuliana would be obnoxious.  I mean look at her.  Beautiful, blond, Hollywood............ but I absolutely love her.  She's down to earth, funny, loving, generous.  We could totally be friends.  And Bill's a good guy.  Yep, Love this show.

Do you have any favorite reality shows?  or reality shows that are too bizarre to watch?

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  1. Nope, I don't watch reality shows - far too boring.