Monday, May 21, 2012

My summer plans

The countdown is on.  I have 8 more days of school.  EIGHT MORE DAYS.  Five days this week, then Monday is a holiday for Memorial Day, then Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday is a teacher work day.  We will depart with joy at noon.  (Btw, who in the WORLD filled out this school calendar.  Nobody wants to return after a 3 day weekend for just 2 days.  Seriously?)

Yesterday Ironman and I got out the summer calendar.
June:  Vacation Bible School
            Family Vacation
            I.T. girl is taking an A.C.T. preparation course
            Ironman has to travel for a few days during this month

July:  Girls attend Music Camp in Nashville
           Ironman and I are going away for a few days ALONE.
           Dancer Girl attends church camp for a week

August:  The Engineer finishes his internship and will be moving into an apartment off campus.  Yes, we will be there for a day or two just to do what parents do. And make sure he has clean sheets and food in the refrigerator.

Faculty returns to school August 10.

I need to schedule a doctor's appointment which is what prompted me to examine our summer schedule in the first place.  Dear lady who will schedule one for me, please be patient.  I have a tight summer schedule.


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