Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ain't Technology Grand?

What did I do before texting?  Forget that, what did I do before cell phones?   I'm sure there are a few people out there who wish things were like they were in the old days but I am not one of them. Oh no.  I like the technology.

I remember years ago Ironman and I became separated in New Orleans during the Crescent City Classic, a 5K road race.  We knew we wouldn't stay together.  I knew Ironman would leave me.  He is way too competitive to stay back and enjoy it TOGETHER. Not that I'm still bitter.   Besides, I had I.T. girl who was still stroller age.  I was going to be in the pink group - adults pushing strollers - and we would be the last to cross the starting line.  Ironman and I agreed to meet at the end.  When I got to the finish line there was a party. And the party filled City Park.  There were several hundred people but no husband.  If we had cell phones, the argument that ensued when we finally did find each other would have never happened.

Oh, the rest of the story? Okay I'll tell you.  Then I'll get back to my first point.
I know I searched for over 2 hours.  Pushing an ever irritable baby in a stroller.  On a warm day.  In New Orleans.  Finally by an honest to goodness miracle I found our car.  To this day I don't know how I remembered where we parked as we had parked on the street.  Not in a parking lot.  I drove back to the hotel  steaming mad.   Exiting the elevator on our hotel floor, there was Ironman sitting waiting.  He had run all the way from the finish line back to the hotel.   He was frustrated.  I was spitting bullets.

Oh how cell phone communication could have saved the day.

Now where was I.  Oh yes, how I love technology.

I love being able to google an address and up pops a map complete with driving directions.  I love having a GPS in the car and the confidence it gives me that even if I miss a turn, good ole Teckna will get me back on track.  Yes, we named our GPS after one of the fairies on   Winx Club.  "I'll catch you on the download"                

  What is your GPS's name?

I love pinterest.  I love entering the name of a dessert I'd like to bake and having dozens of recipes at my fingertips instantly.  I love being able to send an email.  Oh, I almost forgot. Guess how I make my hair appointments now?  TEXT.  Yes, I just text Miracle Maker and she texts me back when she has time.  So EASY.    And how about that refill your prescription app.  LOVE IT.  I must admit that ridiculous commercial with the mountain climbers in the snow using their app to refill a prescription.  Okay, that's ridiculous.  Who would do that?  The climber says "It'll bother me if I don't do it"  Uh............. okay dude.  Whatever.

All these rainbows and butterflies about technology brings us to this evening.   The Engineer has an internship this summer.  It begins next week in Houston.  He forwarded me his itinerary via email.  As I read through it I noticed very specific instructions about what to wear.    He must DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  "Business Casual"  I began to wonder if The Engineer was prepared wardrobe wise.

This afternoon he headed to JCrew in Dallas with our credit card.  I'm glad we were able to provide for him and I'm not overly concerned about the money.  We can swing it.  I was shopping in Kroger and I began to get text after text after text from him.  Just like the fashion blogs I enjoy, he tried on clothes and texted me a photo of him from the fitting room.  Three hours apart but we were shopping together just like old times.  He did have a young man on the JCrew payroll helping him make wise choices.  So it's all coming together.  You can find some good stuff at JCrew.  And if you are wise you can find affordable stuff.

Meanwhile I realized I had forgotten my grocery list.  So I texted Dancer Girl.  She took a photo of my list and texted it to me.

I recently found a new app. FIND MY CAR.

It's free.  Tap on the app when you park.  It remembers the GPS coordinates.  Hours later when you are ready to return to your car, tap on the app icon again and it'll give you step by step directions so you can go home.  Love it.

Ahhh  Technology is grand.

I do not want to go back.


  1. Oh my gosh, that Find your car app sounds DIVINE! lol We always had a rule in our family... "It is the responsibility of the person in the front passenger seat to remember where we parked the car." This rule backfires when you are driving somewhere alone and forget that you don't have any passengers.

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  2. I'm with you: I love technology!