Tuesday, March 18, 2014

With a spring in her step...


It's official.  The sun is shining outside and it makes me want to dance.  I've had so much energy these last few shiny days.  You won't believe everything I've accomplished.

Look at the little garden we have in our backyard.  Well, right now it's DIRT.  But soon enough it'll be bursting with delicious fruits and veggies.

And……. these are seeds.  That's right.  Our vegetable garden is going to be spectacular!!  I even have a garden marker project on my mind.  I think I'll do it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, inside my house…..

I stripped all the pillows in my house.  The decorative, fluffy, sofa pillows.  They've been the same for years and I'm ready for a change!  So I pulled off all the cover, ran by Hobby Lobby and grabbed pretty fabric.  This afternoon I whipped up all these pillow covers!  I started at 11:30 and was completely finished by 2:30.  (the solid pillow took the most time because of the trim)  But really, for less than $40 it was worth it.


This pillow, in particular, was inspired by Pottery Barn.

See?  Love pottery barn.  But I save my money to buy things there that are one of a kind.  If I can sew it or copy it….. it's just so satisfying!

I've also been doing a lot of cooking.  Since Ironman and I gave up "factory food" and now eat only whole food, I've been cooking much more.  So much more!  Which means I've had to clean up the kitchen much more.  WAY WAY MUCH MORE!  It's exhausting!  So I've learned to double up everything. It's just as easy to roast 2 chickens as it is to roast one.  So I double up.

Chicken Noodle Vegetable Soup.  I made enough for several lunches.  I don't want to have to stop during the day to prepare myself a quick meal.  Besides, this recipe is DELICIOUS

Ironman and I are eating whole foods nowadays.  Nothing made in a factory.  I've learned to read labels.  I do glance at the nutritional information, but nowadays I pay very close attention to the ingredients.  More than 5?  Or 6? ingredients?  It stays at the store.

Hello Spring!  I'm so glad you made it.

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