Thursday, July 10, 2014

10-Day detox. Day One.

After our fun vacation to NYC, I was ready to get back on the wagon with my eating plan.  It was nice to know that the plan would be waiting for me when I returned.  And since I went CRAZY eating on our trip (Well, I did skip a lot of cupcakes and junk food)  Still, I ate more than I've eaten in a while.  And I ate all the wrong things.  Especially the last few days when I was getting tired and well, I just got hungry.

All that to say………I decided to work my way through the 10 day detox again.  It's doable. It's "easy".  And you feel so much better.  Of course today I had a headache all day.  I'm sure my body is detoxing.

This is the book I read several months ago.  The quiz at the front of the book asked about things that I didn't even attribute to the food I was eating.  Things like "frequent rashes" and "sleeplessness".  The quiz also investigates whether or not you are frequently gassy and bloated, have achy joints in the morning, frequent headaches, fatigue, afternoon cravings.  Yes, yes and yes were my answers.

All those symptoms disappeared by the end of my first 10 day detox adventure.  So today I decided to do it again.  I know it'll be worth it.

Breakfast:  I had the whole food smoothie.  (Sometimes I deconstruct the smoothie and eat the ingredients individually.  But today I had the smoothie.)

Lunch:  I had 4 oz. grilled chicken breast (seasoned with garlic, lemon, salt, pepper) and a large green salad:  red tipped green lettuce, cucumber, red onion, tomato, parsley, sunflower seeds with the lemon and garlic dressing that I could DRINK in a tall glass with a straw!

Afternoon Snack:  I missed my morning snack.  Just busy today.  So this afternoon I had 12 almonds with a large glass of ice water.

Dinner:  Tonight I'm grilling salmon and onions.

I'm also pleasantly surprised how satisfied I feel when I eat this way.  I don't get that feeling that something is missing.  I don't have the cravings for a little snack while I watch a show on television.

I know the headache I had today will gradually fade and my blood sugar will level off.  Can you believe how many diabetics there are in America?  I am taking control of my health.  And it feels so good.

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