Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alison's French Play 2012

Hello Again. Welcome to a blog post with horrible iPhone photos.  I forgot the camera at home.  School gets exhausting this time of the year.  I left my class to run to the middle school for this play.  So I was doing good to remember the phone for photos.  Thank you, Mrs Wolcott, for saving me a seat on the front row.

Now to the show.  And remember, crappy iPhone camera.

Setting:  Quebec, Canada during Carnival

 These girls were the narrators.  I have no idea what they were talking about as the entire play was in French.
 Alison and her friend discussing Carnival and boys and all that.  I understood that much.  Alison had a photo of Justin Bieber that made the audience in the theater laugh and clap.  Audience of a few parents and a lot of 3rd and 4th graders.
 George on the left.  (Okay, I don't know their character names.  When Alison wakes up I'll come back and insert them.    Anyway, George wants to ask Susie to Carnival but doesn't know how to impress her.  Goes to see his friend the cool dude on the right.  This was pretty funny.
 Borrows his leather jacket, shades and hat.  Does a little swagger.  Thinks it'll impress the girls.
 Susie gives him the cold shoulder.
 So he goes to his other friend, the athlete.  Finds out he needs to have big muscles to impress the girls.
The stuff his jacket with wads of paper to make him appear big and strong.  Susie is not impressed.
 So he visits his grandmother.  Finds out he just needs to be himself.  
 Super bad photos.  But he wins over the girl with flowers and just regular ole George.  Btw, the girl is not a snowman.  I don't do iphone cameras.  You can see her yellow glove.
Grand finale song and dance.  

All in French.

Good thing they pass out a playbill with the plot and characters and all that.  Which I left at school.

Alison's last French Play.  

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