Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Fun Fact to Know and Tell

Sometimes I hear a little something or see another something and I think "I need to remember that.  Neato"  Yes, I still say NEAT-O sometimes.

So here are a few things I've learned.  Ejukashun is a good thing.

Today's Fun Fact:  

Worst Valentine Candy:  Russell Stovers Chocolate Assortment.  There is only sugar, vegetable oil and chocolate extract.  No real chocolate.

Best Valentine Candy:  Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts.  Real cocoa.

The article listed dark chocolate covered strawberries as the best choice.  And dark chocolate covered almonds as the second best choice.  But those aren't really "candy", you know?

Either way, matters not to me.  I do not like chocolate.  When I mention that quirk I get the strangest looks.  So I rarely mention it.

In other news:

I received my Power 90 Masters Series DVDs in the mail on Friday.  Saturday morning I worked out to Level 5/6 Cardio.  I didn't die.  I enjoyed having something new.  And I enjoyed not having all those leg lifts in a row.  My fitness goal remains the same:  Fit into a size 10 by May 17 which is the start of graduation week here at The Villa.  

So I'm working out and watching portions.

I visited the doctor on Friday morning for my blood pressure.  It's lower than it was in November but we'd like to see it even lower.  So I'm going back in 3 more months.  The doctor told me if I'd lost just 10 more pounds he'd expect to see a healthy blood pressure.  So, I'm all for that.  I was happy to NOT have medicine.

I'm still job hunting.  I have compiled my resume, necessary certificates, etc. and have them ready to distribute to area schools.  Monday is a school holiday so it will have to wait until Tuesday.

I gathered and packed away the few Valentines Day things I had around the house and started getting out springtime bunnies and Easter Baskets.  I am so ready for the sunshine.



  1. My house got Hershey's Pot Of Gold Truffles. Chocolate dipped strawberries are way too expensive! Better to buy a carton of fresh strawberries and a large Hershey Dark Chocolate Bar. <3 Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. I agree! Since no one at my house loves chocolate, we had strawberry pound cake. With strawberries coming into season they are plentiful and cheaper.
    Hope your Valentines Day was sweet.