Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm really not that selfish

Have you ever just wanted to throw somebody under the bus?  Lately that's how I've been feeling about a certain someone I work alongside.

She is forgetful to the point of being disrespectful.

She loses track of time because it's all about her.  "They'll wait for me"

She's a train wreck.

And it's driving me crazy.

What do you do when someone you work with is a hot mess?

Please, please let me know.  Because I have 4 more months to work with DingBat Girl.  I'm taking it one day at a time.

I don't want her to lose her job.  I just want her to be called on the carpet.

I don't want her to quit.  I just want her to shape up.

I want her to care.  That's the main thing: I just want her to CARE.

Recently I completed a self evaluation.  Several of the items on the checklist portion did not pertain directly to me as it is DingBat's job.  So I circled those things and put a question mark by them.

For instance, it is not my job to keep HER area tidy and functional.   That is HER job.  (Strange that it was even on my evaluation but upon further investigation it seems we all had the same form)  Several days later I got a copy of my evaluation back for safe keeping.  I dropped it into my binder and did not look at it again for probably a week.  I honestly thought it was just a copy.  Nothing more, nothing less.  But as I prepared to file it away in my professional binder I noticed comments from my supervisor.  Hmmm.

"Do not be afraid to tell DingBat girl what needs to be changed"

"Do you do your part to assist the DingBat in preparations."

Uh........... first of all, I'm not "afraid".

Secondly, that is my my responsibility to manage her.

In the past I have offered to help, and given her advice (people love advice!) and her reply was, "My way is better".  Yes, she said that to my face.  MY WAY IS BETTER.  

Honestly, those few comments made me so frustrated.  Even angry!

I give up.

If her behavior and "ways" are okay with the administration then it's okay with me.  But I can't work this way.  So I am out of here.

Now where is the Sunday Newspaper with the job listings?


  1. Not a nice situation to be in and why should you be the one to look for another job? If you don't do the things will it be noticeable? Good luck. I hope your superiors, line managers, notice who does the work and who doesn't.

  2. I've thought that very same thing many times, Sally. Bottom line is I'm unhappy with the job. So I choose to look for another. The situation with the other worker just makes these last few months drag!