Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today I made a lot of choices.  Most of them were easy.  One or two of them took superhuman strength.

All in a day's work, I guess.

Chicken or Beef?

My daughters order pizza.  I knew better than to choose pizza.  I chose chicken.

Now to the preparation:  One chicken patty seasoned like a sirloin burger, the other like baked chicken.

 Chicken seasoned chicken on the left, sirloin seasoned chicken on the right.  Both broiled in the oven 6 minutes per side.  I just guessed with the time.  
Taste test winner:  Sirloin Ground Chicken Patty.   
(the one on the right)

 Chicken.  It's what's for supper tonight.

Chicken Burger and Sweet Potato Fries.

Believe it or not, I had this entire meal from refrigerator to table in the same time it took my daughters to  get take out pizza.  

I'm glad I made the right choice for today.

And I wish they were all this easy.

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