Monday, January 14, 2013

Sears - we are never, ever, ever getting back together

Do you know what just happened?  I CANCELED my order with Sears for a new dishwasher.  And sistah, I NEED a new dishwasher.  This one I'm  about to blow up  tolerating has been on the blink for months.  We had a repairman take a look and he told us flat out it's not worth fixing.  It would cost just as much to fix it as it would to replace it.  And even then I waited several months.  It was holiday time and I just couldn't swing the money.

On January 5 we had no choice.  The crazy thing was leaking.  It began making a loud rumbling sound during the dry cycle.  And the worst thing of all:  Our dishes came out dirty.

Goodbye Mrs. Dishwasher.

Or so I thought.

I went to Sears.  Identified a Kenmore, reasonably priced (cough cough) dishwasher.  Good.  Deliver it, please.  Oh, it'll be a week.  This dishwasher is not in stock here but we will ship one here and someone will notify you when it arrives in the store.

Okey Dokey

Thursday, January 10 I called to check the status.  I was told the dishwasher was set to arrive in my friendly neighborhood Sears by Monday.  Someone will call you to schedule delivery.


Well, it's Monday.  AND it's MY BIRTHDAY PEOPLE!  I called Mr. Sears to inquire about my order.  The box has been LOST.  The dishwasher is misplaced.  They have no idea where it is or who is washing dishes with it.  All I know is it's Not me!

The young man with the strong accent assured me that someone will email me with the status within 48 hours.

48 hours?  I don't think so.

Goodbye.  I called back and canceled my order.

Tomorrow Ironman and I will go buy a dishwasher and bring it home with us. We will not buy it from Sears.  


  1. 'ello? Dese is Achmed calling from the Sears, yes? 'ello. We sorry for cancel order you make.

    You must not quit the Sears. I will loose my yob. 'ello? Do you have the 9 keeds to support to me? Okay, Stop cancel.

    Okay. Sank you.

    What the hell is becoming of our beloved country?1 lol

    1. The young man I spoke with just kept saying, "okay?" at the end of every sentence.

      I finally said, "Well,'s not "okay". Where is the dishwasher and when will it be installed?

      He told me someone would contact me in 48 hours. That was the frustrating part.

  2. Perhaps a letter stating your disappointment of their customer / delivery service to the managing director or chief executive of Sears may help your frustration. Good luck with your shopping trip!!

    1. That's a good idea, Sally. I may just do that.

  3. Gotta have a dishwasher and these days it's so expensive to have things repaired much of the time that it makes more sense to buy a new one. We got our last dishwasher from Sears. It was like next day delivery and install. Maybe this is a bad time of year to buy things like that--inventory clearance and waiting for new product and all.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Maybe it is a bad time of the year. When I ordered it I did so because it was not in stock. So I knew that from the beginning. "What's 4 - 5 more days?", I thought to myself. The frustrating part was the lack of communication. If there was a delay in shipment, then please just let me know so I can make a wise decision. I felt like I was getting the run around when they could not even tell me where the machine was. Sears doesn't know where the thing is? They could not even tell me if it had been shipped from the great appliance store in the sky.

      I bought my son a dryer last year. It was delivered and installed the next day. From Sears.