Sunday, January 6, 2013

P90 Workout

Hello Friends!

Today is Day 22 of my Power90 with Tony Horton workout.  WOWZA!  Three weeks and you would be amazed.  I'm amazed at the changes.

Monday, January 14th is Day 30.  The day Tony "tells" followers to weigh, measure, and take another photo.  Compare to Day one.  It's also my birthday!  WOOP WOOP

I could not wait to weigh and measure.  Yes, I have another week to go before the official Day 30 but let me just tell you my reward for all the exercise.  38 minutes a day, everyday.  I feel great.

I have so much energy.

I don't feel achy when I wake up.

I don't go to bed with a headache and tired feet.  Okay some days my feet are tired  :)

Weight:  I've lost 6 pounds.  WOOP WOOP

I have two different waist measurements:

True Waist:  I've lost 1 1/2 inches
Belly - straight across the belly button - I've lost 4 inches.  FOUR!  Can you hear my scream?
Thighs:  I've lost 1 inch in both thighs
Knees:  I've lost one inch in both knees.  My knees really bug me.  Hate fat knees.
My arms have stayed the same but I will say they are much firmer. You can see muscle definition now.
Hips:  I'm down 1/2 an inch.  But I'll take it.
Chest:  I've lost 1 1/2 inches.

My clothes fit better already.

I'm very excited.  I have 68 more days to go.

I'll post the photos next week.