Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Feelings

Hello blog.

Today is Friday.  Let me repeat that.  TODAY IS FRIDAY!!  And to make it even nicer, today is Friday before a 3 day weekend.  


Things at work are as crazy and strange as ever.  Yesterday was particularly chaotic.  The teacher I am partnered with is a difficult one.  Personalities don't clash as I can control my side of that.  But the training and methods sure do.  Chaos begats chaos.  That is fo' sho'.


Dancer Girl's science fair project was a monster.  We didn't anticipate it to be such a booger.  We never got it to operate correctly.  She built a model wind turbine with magnets and bare copper wire.  The actual turbine spins beautifully when you turn on the fan.  The frame is sturdy and it's neato mosquito.  But one little thing:  no matter what we tried we could not get the magnet field to produce any electricity.  Nada.  We tried everything we knew.  The Engineer spent hours on the internet looking for advice.  He even got his physics textbook for help.

Since today is the fair, we had to throw in the towel for now.  Last night Dancer Girl was preparing her display board and I got the idea to google our dilemna.

"What should I do if my science fair project fails?"


I located a blog from a young lady in high school with just that problem.  She actually won her school science fair with a project that didn't work.  YES!  I couldn't wait to read her post.  She explained that it's not the successful project that makes the fair, it's your presentation and proving what you learned.  She provided 5 questions to ask yourself as guidelines for your presentation before judges.  So Dancer Girl and I read through them, thought about the answers and D.G. typed them up as part of her display. We also added that we will continue to tweak this turbine until we FINALLY get it to work and then we are going to bring it back to school and show everybody!  She was happy.  I was happy.

My daughter also googled and found a quote from Thomas Edison about failure and added it to her board.  Brilliant.

Interesting, but out of all the science projects I've done over the years this one was the most educational for all of us.  That's a good thing.  (But the best thing is that it'll be over with today at noon!)


The Engineer returned to college yesterday.  He also has been approved and recommended for graduation in May.  WOOP!


Speaking of graduation, my P90 workouts are going strong.  I've heard about exercise endorphins but I've never experienced the surge until I began working out to these DVDs.   The results are fast just like the advertisements boasts.


Now to today's dilemna:

There are some forms to be completed by my partner concerning some special services for a child in our class.  They have been on her desk for over a week.  The Occupational Therapist came by the school Tuesday to get them and I was embarrassed to tell her they were incomplete.  In fact, they had not even been opened by Mrs. S.  O.T was very nice about it and said she didn't really need them until next week and that she would be at our school anyway, so she'd swing by and get them then.  She told me it would be Tuesday morning.

Where are the papers?  Right where I left them.  Unopened.

And so I've decided to wait until this afternoon.  Mrs. S. is taking this afternoon off.  If the papers are not completed by the time she leaves I'm going to do them.  Yes it may cause problems.  But I'm telling you, I do not want to be embarrassed again when it's time to turn them over to the specialist.  Monday is a holiday.  They must be completed today.  (back in the fall she was given papers to complete for the same student and never did it.  The Director came by and we filled everything out together so they could be turned in on time)  It's this kind of irresponsibility that is driving me bonkers.

What do you do when a coworker is inefficient (to say the least)?  

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  1. I job share with the nicest, loveliest woman I've every met. For real. But she makes mistakes in our job all the time! I usually sweep up the messes without saying anything, but sometimes I have to point out what is going wrong. Today is one of those point something out days. I'm not looking forward to it at all!