Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have a few questions

Do you go out on the town regularly with people from work?  

Every Thursday and Friday it's weekend plans time in my classroom.  Faculty and Staff tend to gather right there at the door and discuss where to go and what time to arrive.  Dinner and Drinks is the most frequent idea.  I know that they may agree to meet between 5:30 and 6, but they do not leave the restaurant until the manager turns off the lights and cleaning crew arrives.  They have been known to stay well past 2am.

I have never joined them.  Oh sure, I've been invited and included and that is nice.  I always respectively take a rain check.  By Friday I am T.I.R.E.D. of people.  I am ready to go home to my den and burrow with my husband and kids.  To be completely candid, I don't find any pleasure in drinking and eating too much and gossip and being loud in a public place (which, yes, I'm sure they all are).  I don't want to flirt with the men at the bar.  I don't find it appealing to watch grown women act ridiculous.  I'm sure that's how they act.  I get the blow by blow on Mondays.  Do I work with teens?  Nope.  These are grown women in their mid 40s - early 50s.

I do offer to be their taxi.  So call me if you have had way too much.

Do you ever feel your parenting standards (for lack of a better word) are far different from others?

One day last week I caught a clip of Kurt Cameron's appearance on The Piers Morgan Show.  The subject with homosexuality.  Piers asked Kurt what his reaction would be if one of his sons came to him and said, "Dad.  I'm gay"  Obviously the rest of the conversation (or from Piers' standpoint, the ARGUMENT) was contentious to say the least.  Maybe it was because they were discussing gay marriage a very hot button topic nowadays.  But as I watched it I was more offended and indignant about Kurt's parenting being attacked.  Does anyone have the right to interfere with a Dad's decision?  Even if you disagree with it?

This came up yesterday on the playground.  Ah, the playground.  A place where you hear all kinds of stuff from both kids and teachers.  A teacher told me that one of the boys in her class has candy waiting for him in Mom's car every single day after school.  The teacher helps him climb up into his carseat in the carpool line, gets him all buckled in and safe, then Mom turns and offers the boy a ring pop.  Or a bag of skittles.  Or a mini M&M tube.   Her reaction was "Oh My Gosh.  Is she crazy?  He's going to have rotten teeth"  I'm sure she was surprised by mine.  "If Mom chooses to bring him an after school treat, then Mom can bring him an afternoon treat."   I am not here to insult her.

**Once when my two eldest children were finishing up their first day of school in August I had treats waiting for them in the car.  The teacher helping them in from the carpool line made a smarty comment about the sugary drinks and crackers there.  I was HIGHLY INSULTED.  If I want to bring my kids a treat after school ANY DAY I will do it.

Do  you make up your bed daily?

I make up my bed every morning.  I also empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, and many times fold starts a load or fold a load.

If you had a $50 Pier One gift card that was expiring next week, what would you buy?

Just wondering.....


  1. When it comes to parenting, or any other life choice, I live by my own golden rule: "Who am I to judge?" My choices are not for everyone and vice versa!

    And I've never been to Pier 1, but I'd probably do what I do at every other store: shop their clearance racks.

  2. Oh Michelle, I so agree about parenting. Which is why I would NEVER interfere. It's frustrating when I don't get the same respect in return.

    I do have a Pier 1 gift card that expires in one more week. I'm sure I will find something to buy. Sad to let a gift card expire, isn't it??