Friday, January 25, 2013

Do your standards bother others?

I'm not exactly sure that's what I mean.

Let me give you a few examples to better explain my question.

I do not gossip.  Yes, when I was younger I did.  But I realize now that it's not so much "the news" that is enticing.  It's the "us four and no more" attitude.  Some people get a thrill out of knowing the scoop and repeating it being sure to make it much more interesting with a little embellishment here and there.  It's also the "Look!  We are so much better than her" thrill some people get.  All that being said, I'm older and wiser and senseless talk is boring to me.  I'm just not interested.  And it really does make me think less of gossip girl.  So when it starts happening I casually walk away.  I don't make an announcement or a huff and a puff.  I just slip away.

Same thing when other subjects arise in conversation.  I'd rather not discuss politics, gun control, religion, money, sex or International Banking in a group of women.

Ugh.  There it is.  The women thang.

I think that's probably the crust of the pie.


I work with women.  All day everyday.  And I promise you there is back biting and gossip and attitude at every corner.

I CHOOSE to fly under the radar.  Or circle overhead.

Therefore I just do my job.  I force myself to be friendly and treat others with respect.  I fall short every day.  That's just about all I can do.  I want to be an encourager and a trustworthy listener.  I definitely can keep a secret because, if you recall, I'm a listener not a teller.  I don't tell.  Ever.

If you want to borrow or checkout something in my room, feel free.  I share.  You are welcome anytime.
If you want to rake somebody over the coals, I'm not your girl.

If you want to run go pick up a quick lunch while the kids are on the playground, I'll be happy to watch your brood.
If you want to go out after work, drink and flirt with men at the bar, and stay out until the bars close at 2am, I'm not your girl.

If you'd like to have a serious, mature, respectful conversation about a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then I will enjoy talking with you and listening.  Always listening.
If you want to make fun of denominations and disagree with everything that comes out of my mouth, then I'm not your girl.

It does matter what your children watch on TV
It does matter what you say about your husband.  (I never ever complain about mine to a group of women.  Ever.  And I'm sure he never complains about me)  We can complain to each other!
Remembering dates and keeping track does matter.
Yes, yes and yes.
Time to grow up.  Time to set some limits.

Where is this post going?  I have no idea.

Lately I've been frustrated with the antics of grown women.  I am frustrated that some have no limits.  Don't get nervous, I would never say anything directly.  I just think it.

What are the consequences for me?  An immediate shift in conversation when I enter the room.  I've been not invited.  You don't want me to list all the times I've been left out do you?  And honestly?  That's fine with me.  It's more of a big deal to others than it is to me.

But I still felt like blogging about it.


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