Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Spring!

It's a sunny day!  Yes, it's 45 degrees, but hey I see sunshine!

I've had a busy week.  Normal busy-ness and then some unexpected busy-ness so this blog has been neglected.  But I think about you every day, blog.  Does that count?

Today I'd like to address an issue that just bugs the tar out of me.

Yoga pants. 

 And not just yoga pants, I'm talking those skin tight spandex leggings.  Ladies, these are NOT PANTS.  Not REAL out in public pants.  Nobody wants to see your entire booty.  And that's what we see when you turn around.  There is NOTHING left to the imagination.  I mean, would you wear only pantyhose and a t shirt in public?  Because basically, that's what you have on.  It's borderline indecent.  I'd snap a photo but I'd probably be reported to the FBI for having porn on the internet.

I don't even like it on little 4 year old girls.  Put shorts over them.  Or pull a little dress over them.  Make sure your top is long enough to cover your bottom!

I guess you think if you got the body why not show it.  Well, show it somewhere else, sistah.  I don't want to see.

With the temperature outside slowly warming the spandex tights will be replaced with short shorts.  And the shorts I'm talking about are the Nike shorts.  Now when you are 8 or 9 or 10 these shorts are fine.  But when you are 48 and 49 and 50 these shorts look ridiculous.  Unless you are working out in the gym.  Wearing them around town?  Not so great looking.   No, I don't think you should wear Mom jeans.  But I do think you should cover up those white thighs.

While I'm on my fashion/appropriate daywear rant, let me move on to another thing that drives me crazy.  Ugg boots.  Yes, UGLY.  Don't wear them.  Ever.  And throw out the crocs.

In closing I have a few words for my co-workers.  I can't keep my trap shut any longer.
Here goes:

To W - you are a know it all, spoiled brat.  When you resigned to become a full time Mom you honestly expected to continue to receive the school benefits?  (tuition discount for your own children to attend)  Yes, you did.  Come on!  Did you expect to continue on the payroll?  Guess so

To RR - Oh my gosh, lady.  Put some clothes on!  You are 52 for goodness sakes.  And be nice.

To K - Hello!!  Do you notice anybody else?  Could you speak?  Or even look up and notice there's another living breathing human near you?  I'm not impressed.

To S - Girl.  Come on.  Have some personal boundaries.  Get a backbone.

To Sh - Why are you still here?  They don't appreciate your talent.  You could make so much more money somewhere else.  I hope the administration will wake up and give you a shot.  I think you'd be marvelous

To A - shhhhhhhh.  Inside voice.

To L - please don't tell me you graduated from college again.  Congratulations, but we ALL have been there, done that.  So move on.

Whew.  Got a lot off my chest.  Tomorrow I'll be back to keeping my mouth shut with a smile on my face.  2 more months...........


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