Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Blog

It has been exactly two weeks since I've blogged.  TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!  Life is just so dang busy.
Stop the planet.  I want to get off.

I decided I'd just list the fun facts I've learned the last 14 days.  On your mark.  Get set.  GO

1.  J Crew has discontinued it's educator's discount.  I need a moment........

2.  You can grow vegetables from kitchen scraps.  Right now I have both celery and red onion growing on my window sill.  I'll post pix later.  NO smarty, it won't be another 14 days until I do that.....

3.  409 spray cleaner must sit on the surface for 10 minutes in order to disinfect your countertops.  So now I spray, do a few more things, return in 10 minutes to wipe it down.  It's shinier if you wait, too.

4.  Church people can be mean.  I've always known that as I'm a regular church goer.  And being a regular church goer I fancied myself savvy enough in the ways of humans to overlook occasional out and out meanness.  Is overlooking it really just enabling it?  Sometimes you gotta make your way through the church people to find the Christ Followers.

5.  P90X works!  I stared the 90 day challenge on December 17.  Every morning since I've force myself out of bed and pushed play.  Did I miss a workout here and there?  Yes  Did I eat clean everyday?  No.  Did I quit? No!  I've lost 2 sizes.  TWO!  I've "only" lost 10 pounds and if I dwell on that I'll feel frustration.  But this morning I slipped into a size 12 and I was thrilled!  I think I'm addicted to it.  I check the calendar each evening to see which DVD is recommended.  I set up the workout clothes, shoes and yoga mat.  My alarm rings at 4:45am and by 5am I'm warming up.  By 6am I'm in the shower and I feel so GREAT!  Go!  NOW!  Get the program.

6.  The Engineer is more mature than I.

7.  I married up.


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