Friday, April 5, 2013

On moving on

I first started this blog as a venue to rant about selling my house.  Ironman and I had moved to a new city and were forced to rent a teeny tiny house in a crowded neighborhood for over a year while our sprawling house on a big lot sat empty 2 hours away.  It was a bumpy time.  Money was tight but not as tight as our living quarters.  I designated one entire room to boxes.  Stacked 3 and 4 high and lined in rows so you could get in and our.  My organizational skills and handy dandy labeler were best buds.

I would blog daily.  I'd fuss about the realtor's lack of concern that we were living on the edge.  I'd wonder if we'd ever get back to normal.  And I questioned our move.

Sure I was talking to myself but that was A-OK with me.

Thirteen months and 10 days later our house SOLD.  Ironman and I did not speak as we drove to the closing.  We had 4 offers fall through when the buyers reached the financing part of the deal.  Four times my heart had risen only to be dumped and stomped on.  So time #5 was faced with trepidation

We signed our sellers papers and left the attorney's office.  Our realtor told us the buyers would be signing their papers at 3:30.  Oh how I watched the clock.  Finally at 6pm I took a breath.  We had sold our house.  S.O.L.D.  That was on a Wednesday.  The following Monday we made an offer and bought the house where we currently live.

I chronicled all that in this blog.  And since them I haven't had much of a focus.

Well, today has changed all that.

I'm going to give as many updates as I can as I search for a new job.  The job I have now is boring and mind numbingly slow.  I have been an elementary school teacher for 15 years.  No two days are ever the same.  I enjoy the fast pace, the slow dance, the noise and the peace.  I find working with other women to be annoying and exhilerating.  When you have a buddy next door at school, the days are fun and satisfying.  I love that.

I was offered my current job soon after we moved.  It would mean I'd be working at the same school where we had enrolled my youngest daughter .  The pay was that of a slave worker.  But I would receive a discount in tuition for Dancer Girl plus two afternoons off.  So I took it.

I've questioned that decision a zillion times.

I do NOTHING.  I mean it.  I'm just a warm body.  I'm never asked my opinion or my idea.  If I mention something it's met with blank stares and sometimes eye rolls.  Of course, they don't think I notice the eye rolls.

I gave the Director my notice a few weeks ago.  I told her the truth.  That I was bored.  And frustrated.  And disgusted.  And struggling to keep a good attitude.

My last day will be May 24, the last day of school.

I can not wait!

Am I worried about finding a new job?  A little.  But I know it'll work out.  Something will turn up.

I'll try not to complain everyday!

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  1. Good luck in your job search. You never know what is around the corner and it certainly sounds as though you need a change.