Monday, April 22, 2013

Quiet Girls and Senior Prom

Last night at dinner my sweet, timid high school senior daughter told us she is going to her Senior Prom.  I was surprised as she has never attended a school dance in the past.  I was immediately protective of her.  She is not a social butterfly.  She has little or no experience in the hows and whats of a large group of teenagers.  Unusual, yes.  But years ago I decided to accept her as she is.  Quiet and timid and a little self conscious.  Okay, a lot self conscious.  

While other Moms were pushing their daughters into dance and pageants and student government, I loved mine.  Yes, those other Moms love their daughters, too.  But I refused to be one of those moms who lives their "wish I would have" life through their daughter.  I found it confusing and hurtful.  Did my own mother do that to me?  Oh yes.  And when I didn't show interest in those things she absolutely was embarrassed of me.  To this day I think she's disappointed.  

But back to my story.

I.T. girl makes excellent grades.  She is kind and respectful.  Her room is always a mess.  She adores her older brother and enjoys her younger sister.  She has an excellent sense of direction.  (she did not inherit that from me!)  I have never had to worry about her making a dangerous choice.  But oh yes, I worry about her.  

So when she said she and some friends were meeting at a restaurant and then would ride together to the prom and that she was going to go to the mall and pick out a dress today or tomorrow............ I was speechless.  What? Who are these friends?  Is she.......... will she be alright?  Will she have fun?  Will she feel awkward?  I immediately wanted to protect her.  

I'm excited that she wants to go.  I'm amazed and thrilled that she is brave enough to attend.  Ironman and I have instilled in her a sense of family trust, unconditional love and support.  

And so next Saturday night I'll send her off and I'll worry about her until she returns.

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