Friday, January 17, 2014

No Wonder I'm So Confused

I quit my job May 13, 2013.  I was so happy to walk away from that strange land of mixed up ways.  I had worked there 2 years and I never figured it out.  My greatest concern was SAFETY.  Yes, people.  Safety.  There were other concerns, too, like quality of instruction, individualized lessons and professionalism with the faculty.  But safety was the one thing that gave me a rash.  I could go on and on with specific examples but let's just say safety was neglected in every way.  Anybody could enter the building and roam the halls, no questions asked.  Anybody could pick up any kid from carpool whether administration had met them before or not.  Big things like that.  All the way to the little things like kids climbing on the back of chairs, taking items off the shelves unsupervised.  And about that rash.  Yes, I actually got a rash that wouldn't go away.  All that to say, I'm was ready to quit.  I'm glad I quit.  I don't miss it.

Before you get the wrong idea, this school is not in the poorest, roughest neighborhood.  This is a small  private school with the highest tuition charged in the city.

Even though I shudder when I think about the long, long days I spent there DOING NOTHING I still for some reason can not MOVE ON.  GET OVER IT.  I struggle to find the "what did you learn from it" lesson.  I learned……. that I have standards.  I learned that some thing are just NOT alright with me.  I learned that given the opportunity, I can handle a classroom of 4 year olds with excellence.  That's the word.  Excellence.  I had never been a member of a faculty that didn't strive for it.

Someone once told me the way to get over an old boyfriend is to find a new boyfriend.  Maybe that's what I should do.  I should find a new job.  So I made a list of my skills, experience and interests.  It looks something like this:


Can clean a house top to bottom in 3 hours
I do windows
Can follow directions.  If I had the directions on how to build a space shuttle, I could do it.
Same with recipes.
And songs.  I can make up a song on a moment's notice
ability to get things done with no sleep
can do math in my head


can live with the same man for 26 years without committing any crime
20 years of working with women without committing any crime


Never quitting.  I am interested in figuring it out.

My goals for the winter:

Re-learn how to knit.
Keep up the exercise.  I really do feel better
Get my eyebrows waxed.  Man, they are out of control!
Send my college kids a care package from home

I actually like this unemployment.  Keeps me busy

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  1. HA! My skills are similar to yours. And I'd talk to you in a bible study (previous post.) I have not been employed for 5 years, due to helping my elderly folks, and I've come to love being in control of my days. I've learned to quilt, make butter, take a good photograph, coupon well enough to save 20-30 bucks every shopping trip, and how to write a book proposal. I don't think I want to ever be employed again. But, that's just me. Enjoyed your post!