Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Open Letter To Talbots

Dear Talbots,

Your catalogs are beautiful.  The models are tall and thin.  Bravo to your publisher.

I do not shop in your store.

I used to shop there.  Or I used to at least browse.  But it is impossible for me.  You see, I'm a "look arounder".  I like to touch and think and try this shirt with that skirt.  I like to think about it.  I enjoy shopping alone.  I enjoy the peace and quiet of my own thoughts.

Thus it is impossible for shoppers such as myself to shop in your store.  I don't mind the "welcome to Talbots" greetings as I enter.  I'm southern.  That's what we do.  Even the greeters at Krogers say "good morning" as you enter.  I don't mind speaking and saying hello.  But once I'm past the door and browsing I do not need to be interrupted.  I do not need a sales assistant to point out the "brown skirts are over there,"  I can see the brown skirts.  I'll look at them when I get over to that side.  I don't need a sales assistant to inquire my size or what I'm looking for or if I'm ready to try something on.  I don't want to tell you my size.  I'm not really looking for anything specific.  I'm browsing.  When I'm ready to try something on then I'll find the fitting room myself.  The store is not that large.

When I tell you "I'm just looking.  Thank you"  I mean it.  Leave me alone.  Don't interrupt my thoughts.  If I need you I will find you.

Last Saturday as I left your store I made a vow not to return.  I was unable to look.  I was unable to think.  I can shop elsewhere.

And so I walked across to J.Crew.  Found "the" perfect dress.  Didn't need any help!


I Heart Red Shoes

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