Tuesday, November 29, 2011

24 years of Being A Wife

Today is the 24th anniversary of my wedding.   And to think they said it wouldn't last.  I'm not sure anybody actually said that.  But if they did, well, it's lasted 24 years.

As I went about my day I couldn't help but remember the good times, the frustrating times, the lean times, the funny times - the adventure.  I tried to mentally make a list of goals for the coming year.  I need to write them down as I am a list maker.  Here are a few:
1.  Say "I love you" every single day.  We have stopped doing that for some reason
2.  Complement my husband every day
3.  Go to bed at the same time - most days.  (Football season can mess that up!)
4.  Talk about things that do NOT involve the children.
5.  Put money in the offering plate.
6.  Eat healthy, exercise more, drink water

Our youngest child is just entering her teenage years.  Ironman and I are going to have to navigate this one together.  I think we're too tired to do it alone.


  1. I've got most of those same goals. We celebrated 24 years in October. Reading some of your Thanksgiving stories made me sad. I hope they have gotten better over these last 24 years! And hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I am kinder and more generous because of it. Thank you for reading my blog. And yes, my life is better than I could ever have imagined. God is faithful. And he whispers in my ear "you haven't seen anything yet" Merry Christmas