Sunday, December 18, 2011

One more week 'til Santa

And what a week it was.  Last week.  The week BEFORE the last week before Santa.  Started out with my visit to Quick Care.  I had felt horrible for 4 days.  After trudging through a day in preschool land on Monday I realize I wasn't going to be able to make it 4 more days without some drugs.  So I pulled into the Quick Care walk in clinic.  (BTW, greatest idea ever thought of by hospitals.  Yes, it costs a little more OOP but so worth it to be able to just walk in for medical care)  The doctor - who was young enough to be my daughter - took one look and said I had strep throat.  Turns out, the culture came back negative for strep.  So the diagnosis was tonsillitis.  I called a substitute for Tuesday.

Wednesday I was back at work but not at full force.  Throat still hurt, headache, etc.  But still, better than Monday.  I used to have this little "20 minutes" strategy.  Yes, it works.  Just make it through the next 20 minutes with your patience intact.  Then you make it through the NEXT 20 minutes.  Rinse, repeat.  It really does work as you begin to survive the day in 20 minute increments.

By Thursday I was feeling much better.  But mother nature was not going to give me a break.  No, not this time.  She arrived.  75 days late.   Isn't childbirth enough already?  And now I have to suffer this?

Today is Sunday and I'm feeling better in both areas.  Top and bottom.

Not one Christmas Gift is wrapped.  Not one.  So I still have a lot to do.

Ironman told me he is sick and if he's not feeling better by Monday he's going to the doctor.  SPARE ME.  I CAN'T TAKE ONE MORE THING!!!

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