Friday, December 30, 2011

Boxes and Boxes and Boxes!

Today twas the day.   The day my family dreads.  Today was the day the Christmas Decorations must be repacked and put away for another year.

Ready or not.  Here we go.

 Boxes and Boxes

 More Boxes

 Christmas Tree is looking sad and bare. 

 We interrupt this story of packing decorations to show this machine.  It lives in my kitchen.  All you have to do is load it with dishes, add a little square cube of soap, shut the door, push the button.  Half an hour later you have clean dishes.  It's almost magic.

But what do I see?  Dishes IN the machine.   You see, I had almost finished loading it.  I.T. girl was still eating a little lunch.  I asked her when she was finished eating,  to please drop her dish in the dishwasher, add soap, and START it.  "Sure" she said happily.  It's now 4:20pm.  I just happened to walk by the kitchen and you guessed it - all I see is the dishwasher left exactly the way, well, exactly the way I left it.  I just had to take a photo.  I couldn't resist.  And her dish?  It's in the sink.  It made me laugh.  Honestly, I actually laughed.  

If I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, I don't know what they would do.  :)

Late yesterday afternoon I did a quick craft project.  It is easy peasy.  Honestly, easy peasy.  And it cost me $0.  I already had all the materials. 
I found the tutorial here: Pottery Barn Knock Off Musical Candles

Dropped the candles in hurricane vases.  Added cinnamon sticks.  I only had 2 candles the color I wanted so the middle hurricane is filled with potpourri.  I used burlap for a runner.  

Love, love, love the display.  Can't wait to add a few more little things.  I'm thinking about those Mason Jar Snow Villages.  Hmmmmm  

A new Year filled with new projects.  YIPPEE


  1. Your candles turned out beautifully! :) Nice job!

    And I love cleaning up Christmas more than putting it out... that's bad, huh! ;) Hope you enjot your NY's weekend!


  2. Thank you! Your tutorial was easy to follow.

    I understand about the cleaning up joy. I do enjoy packing!