Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crafting and Cooking


The first weekend in December was busy.  Ironman, both girls, and I went to visit The Engineer at College.  We chose that weekend - or, should I say, that weekend chose us because Ironman and The Engineer were both running in a marathon.  And they did run.  In the rain and sleet.  The girls and I stayed in our warm hotel bed!  We supported them from the Comforter Area.

The day before the marathon was a Saturday.  And so the girls and I decided to explore a huge mall that was near our hotel.  I.T. girl enjoys Anthropology.  Walking through the store we noticed these paper Christmas Trees.  I.T. girl noticed the paper was actually sheet music.  The price?  A whopping $48 for the largest one.  We looked at the tree, discussed how it was made.  I know I took a quick photo of it with my phone but when I got home the photo wasn't in the library.  Maybe I didn't take a photo.  
Have you ever shopped with TWO TEENAGE GIRLS?  Oh my gosh.  It was a long, long day of patience and walking on a tight wire.  It wore me out! 

But more about that later.

Finally today I went to one of my favorite blogs.  (Is it a blog?  Or a website?)I found the directions here:
And there it was.  The sheet music Christmas Tree with complete how-to instructions.

The project began yesterday.  I didn't have a sheet music collection or even a hymnal that I wanted to cut apart.  I went to the G.W. (goodwill) and searched and searched for a hymnal.  Never found one.  However, I did find this song book.

I already had the round disc.  I don't know WHY I had the round disc.  I guess I was planning to use it for something.  I also already had the dowel.  At first I thought it would be too skinny seeing as it was 3/16" in diameter.  But it turns out that is the perfect size for a common hole puncher hole.  

You know what I mean.

I followed the instructions.   I did not use the entire songbook.  In fact, I only used 15 pages.  There are enough pages left to make a second and third tree.

The best part of the project?  POWER TOOLS

Drills, stapler guns, rotary sanders, power saws - I heart them all.  And the small hole I drilled in the center of the round disc fit the dowel perfectly.  I didn't even use glue.

I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint.  I didn't bother priming or even sanding.

I cut the sheet music per instructions.  And then just stacked them.  Easy Peasy.

Add a star at the top - that needs some glitter - and this tree cost me:
white disc:  free.  I already had it.  Probably $1 - $2 at Michaels
Dowel:  free. But they are 39 cents each at Michaels
White spray paint:  free.  Already had it
Songbook:  50 cents at Goodwill
Star for the top:  Pack of 4 were $1 in the Dollar Bins at Michaels.  

Anthropology version:  $48
Red Shoe Version:  $1.50 + some odd materials laying around my house.  

So that was fun.  

I'm already wondering how it would look if I used catalog paper.  Trust me, I have enough catalogs to make a FOREST of trees.  

Meanwhile I cooked and cleaned.  
Today the teenagers ate biscuits, bacon and eggs for breakfast, fast food take out for lunch (because I sent them on a few errands and gave them money to grab lunch)
Chicken Pot Pie ala The Pioneer Woman for supper.  
Dancer Girl just asked me "What's for dessert?"  
Ironman is out of town today.  
This morning as we were discussing our day and other little things that need to be done before Christmas, I mentioned to him that today is day #8 of my 10 day antibiotics and I'm just now feeling well.  (I went to the doctor last week for tonsillitis)  

Although I didn't mention this to Ironman, I was also thinking to myself how Mother Nature is so unpredictable as of late.  Will this be a short month or will she skip a couple of months?  She skipped November, showed up last Thursday.  65 days late.  And now I'm on day 6 and things are still cooking.  If you know what I mean.  

I was thinking to myself that this inconvenience was contributing to my feeling of being not well.  I was feeling wiped out.

Ironman sat there lazily staring at his iPad as he does every morning.  
Then he casually says to me with all seriousness:  "This is the longest I've ever had a cold. If I'm not feeling better by Thursday I'm going to make a doctor's appointment"


He has a cold.  A few sniffles.  A little congestion.  No fever.  No nausea.  No headache.  No body aches.  

Tomorrow's headline:  Sickest Man in the World Living in Our Neighborhood.

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