Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where do I begin

I have so much to say I don't know where to begin.

I need to gather and organize my thoughts.

Let me start with this:  I have tonsillitis.  Again.  Yippee for me.  In fact, I don't think I have it "again".  I think it's the same strain of tonsillitis I had 3 weeks ago that never completely healed.  Yes, I finished a complete 10 day round of antibiotics.  I remember on Day 8 thinking that although I felt better, I didn't feel well.  Then with the whirlwind of Christmas and gifts and eating I just put my scratchy throat on the back burner.  Yesterday the headache returned.

Here's the story of my yesterday.  It started with my van.  I loaded all 3 teenagers in the van and headed to the dentist.  We had to stop to fill up the tank and as I turned the key to leave the battery was dead.  D.E.A.D.  How could that happen in less than 10 minutes?  I'm grateful I wasn't in the middle of nowhere.  Ironman drove over and we swapped cars. I managed to make it to the dentist only 3 minutes late.  The teenagers and I all had our teeth cleaned.  Don't you just hate to have your teeth cleaned?  I've suffered through many dental appointments in my life and I admit that the dentist we see now is the best.  Painless.  Honestly, he's painless.  The hygienists though are a different subject.  Dancer Girl and I were paired with one hygienist.  When she stepped out of the room I carefully searched for a dixie cup - anything I could fill with water to take 2 tylenol.  My headache was returning.  Can you believe I could not find ONE THING to fill with water?  NOTHING.  In the dental office!  News from the dental chair:  No cavities.  I have three children and only one of them has ever had a cavity.  One cavity among them.  Wow, fluoride changes everything.  Dentist Fred told me that I.T. girl's wisdom teeth are moving and she has another year before we need to have them extracted.  So he'll X-ray them again in 6 months.  Dancer Girl has braces on her teeth and everything is fine.  The Engineer had his wisdom teeth extracted over a year ago.  Everything was fine.  Then it was my turn - I have to return in 2 weeks to repair a cracked filling.  Oh yes, I had many, many cavities when I was a young girl.

By the time we left the dental office I was not feeling well.  We headed over to Grand Lady's house as I had arranged to take her to lunch while we were all out together.  Chinese.  I enjoy chinese as much as the next woman, but this particular chinese restaurant - Grand Lady's choice - seems to always upset my stomach.  Loverly.  Still we had a nice lunch.  The teens enjoy it.  It was nice to sit and talk and visit and let someone else do the dishes for a change.

I barely made it home with my headache.  Ironman had been home alone all this time.  I had visions of walking into a sparkling house smelling of lemon pledge and cascade.  Supper preparations beginning.  The dog washed and fed.  Clean towels in all the bathrooms.  Wow.  A girl can dream.  Or, as they say in junior high, "And then I woke up"  The house was just as I left it.  In fact, the trash was just where I had left it.  I had no strength to comment.  My head required it all.

Thus the blog got no attention last night.

Which brings us to today.

I feel a little better.  Enough to decide I'll wait one more day before I return to the doctor.  Besides, I had so much to do.   I didn't have time to sit in a waiting room.  And, in fact, by the afternoon I did feel better.

Because we were totally out of groceries, I knew I couldn't avoid Kroger another day.  I first went to Target and then to Kroger.

Can you say ANNOYING SHOPPERS?  Oh my.  I was elbowed, squeezed past, bumped into, leaned across and stepped in front of.  There were only a handful of shoppers looking through the Christmas markdowns at Target but these ladies were not playing games.  I finally gave up.  I do not need another silver ornament so badly that I am willing to risk a broken leg.

I did not see one exciting markdown at Target.  I looked for Holiday items in other parts of the store.  Santa Ziplocs and Frosty Napkins were all still full price.  The only thing I saw that was marked down were Glade Candles.  I did not buy any Glade Candles.

On to Kroger.

Armed with my handy dandy coupon binder filled with many coupons that are set to expire on 12/31, and the awareness that we have nothing to eat in my house , I was set for battle.  

 Love Louisiana Yams  
And is it just me or does this cabbage look lovely?  **it looked beautiful in person.  I took these food pix with my iPhone camera.  

Although the produce was beautiful, there were not  many deals at Kroger, either.
The only deal I did find was on orange juice.

Both the Minute Maid Pure Squeezed and the Tropicana 50 were on sale for $2.88.  I had 4 $1.00 coupons.  And as much orange juice as those people in my house drink, this was a deal.
Believe it or not, as I was leaving Kroger I texted I.T. girl to let her know I would be home soon and be prepared to help unload the car.  When I got home I realized I did not have my house key.  I rang the doorbell over and over and over until finally Dancer Girl let me in the house.

Just a typical day.

Have you ever had one of those days where just the most mundane things were so much trouble?  Are the shoppers in your area crazy after Christmas?  And what's with this weather?  It was in the 60s today!


  1. My daughter and I were at Target, and the Christmas section with all it's markdowns, was intense! You are so right, the ladies in our store were not playing games. My daughter looked at me and I looked at her and we moved past it on our way to getting what we was on our list. She's a firm believer I have too much Christmas paraphernalia anyway!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Tonsillitis is no fun, from what I remember! Had my tonsils taken out when I was 8 due to chronic infections.

  2. I have had that fantasy many times myself of coming home to a clean, sparkly, lemon-scented home, with the smell of dinner coming from the kitchen, my three children, all dressed in clean, ironed clothes, running to greet me at the door with their arms opened wide. My husband, with his apron on, coming to give me a kiss and leading me to the couch, putting my feet up and telling me to relax.

    And then I wake up.

  3. Judy - A girl can dream. Wouldn't that be lovely? If husbands only knew...

    Michelle - I went to World Market yesterday and nobody pushed me! ha
    Target Christmas Clearance - crazy. I do feel better. BUt it took a full 3 weeks. Happy New Year