Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

It happens every year.

Right when I think I'm ready for Christmas, I get that inkling feeling.  That "are you sure you have everything?" feeling.  And this feeling usually results in a last minute shopping splurge.

So this morning Ironman were leaving the courthouse after paying our property taxes and  that feeling overcame me.

We headed straight to Best Buy.  I just didn't think I had everything.  I just felt like I needed one more gift for I.T. girl.  I listed the gifts I had wrapped and hidden for The Engineer and The Dancer Girl.  I told Ironman I just wanted to get I.T. girl one more gift.  Something she won't expect.  Just something.  I wasn't sure what.  He suggested a NOOK.  But no, that didn't sound right.  She does read so, so much but she has never mentioned wanting a NOOK or a KINDLE.  In fact, she's listed many reasons she was not interested in either one .
Her favorite store?  Best Buy.  So we headed through the traffic toward the strip mall.

Stepping into the store I couldn't help but notice the long, long line of customers waiting to check out.  I did a quick scan of the store - seeing as I've been inside this store maybe 5 times - to zero in on the department I was going to peruse.  If didn't take long for me to spot an item I know she'll enjoy and be surprised that Santa delivered.  The sales associates I spoke with were relaxed and helpful.  And everything was in stock.

In fact, standing in line to check out I noticed a woman behind me holding a Wii.  Wow!  I can remember when you couldn't find a Wii anytime past October 31.  And there she was purchasing one on December 23.

I also noticed the $4.99 bin of Cds.  I picked up a Lionel Richie CD.  "Poor Lionel.  You're in the cheap bin!"  I said laughing.  But then I picked up another - Aerosmith.  Another - Three Dog Night.  OH MY GOSH!  I picked up one CD after another from this bin and they were all bands and music we knew.  Harry Chapin, Bread, America - CDs thrown in the cheap bin right there next to Elvis sings Hawaiian.   I should have bought them all.  I think I'll go back next week and choose a couple of them.

Leaving the store it was noticeable that in just that short time the temperature outside had dropped and the wind had picked up.  I was glad to be going home to a warm house.

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