Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hallmark - Help Me Out A Little

Today I finally did it.  I stopped by the card section in CVS.  I had put it off for days.  But now I really had no excuse.  I was waiting to have a Rx filled and so I might as well tackle the chore:  choose a birthday card for someone I don't enjoy.  Now, that sounds sweet and mature, doesn't it?  Sorry.  But it's true.

Still, it's the right thing to do.  Wishing someone a happy birthday is just a little gesture of good will.  (there have been many times that I did what I thought was the right thing to do only to have it backfire.  So I don't always trust myself in this situation)

Usually it's  fun.  I laugh out loud at some and get all mushy with others.
I stand there for 15 - 20 minutes trying to find just the right card.  It may take time but I always find something appropriate.

Yes sirree, no trouble at all.  I enjoy doing it. I want friends to know that even in my hectic world I still remember them and their birthday. Besides, it's nice to know somebody took the time and energy to pick out a card of you. And then to have a stamp?  And remember to mail it?  The old fashioned snail mail way?  Priceless.

Today was not one of those days.  I was buying the card out of kindness, thoughtfulness, selflessness, obligation.  That's it, obligation.

The first one was too sweet.  Let's not get carried away, people.
The next one was funny.  Nope.  This birthday girl has no sense of humor.  She won't get it.
I'm not interested in a long flowing poem.  Oh gosh, no.  I just can't go that far.
Calling Hallmark or American Greetings - I need some help here.

I never found a card that read, "We do not have a close relationship, we go months with no contact, I'm sending you this birthday card to honor you. Please accept it and have a  Happy Birthday.

Nope.  No cards like that.  Hey, I did see a "Happy Divorce" card.

FInally I reached for a card I had already considered.  Maybe it was even the first one I saw.
White background - no glitter.  Photograph of a cupcake with birthday candle.
Tasteful but not overly emotional.
Text inside simply said "Wishing you a Happy Birthday"

I will mail it.  Tomorrow.


  1. It's so difficult in those situations, on the one hand you feel obliged by political correctness and on the other hand hypocritical but well done in sending the card.

  2. Thanks, Sally. I wasn't sure about even telling the tale here on my own blog. So many skeletons in my closet. One day I'll put it all in print and in doing so hopefully regain my power.

    Haven't sent the card. YET.

    Just between you and me - the card is for someone in my family. That's why I feel obligated but honestly have no desire to reconnect.

  3. I hate shopping for cards, b/c they're not very good anymore. I did find a great one for my hubby a couple years ago, and keep re-using it! check it out here:
    I love it. Cards are so expensive too...they're just not worth it!