Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip Report Part 1. With photos!

Ironman and I spent 6 days in Nashville.  

The first batch of photos I'd like to share are of a visit we made to Fontanel, the log cabin built by Barbara Mandrell and her husband.   We noticed on Trip Adviser that this tour destination was rated #3.  Why not?  

 Autographed pillar in the den.  

 Fontanel is the largest log cabin home in the country.

 I flipped through the address book but only took one photo.  This book is the real thing in Barbara's handwriting.  

 I had to capture a photo of this bottle opener.  I'm sure my children would have no idea what is.
 Indoor swimming pool
 Ironman really can walk on water.

 Indoor shooting range

The walls were damaged one night when Kid Rock and Hank Williams, Jr. had assault rifles and whiskey -  Not a good combination.

Our tour guide, Vance, told us that The Fontanel depends on the money from tours and special events for upkeep and expenses.  The house only has 2 guest rooms as Barbara and her husband enjoyed having company but did not want them to spend the night.  Management will rent the house for weddings, parties, etc.  They also have a concert venue in the back part of the property that can be rented for parties.

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  1. I've never heard of this place. Great photos! Now I feel like I've been there.