Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trip Report Part II, with more photos!

I was in Nash-vegas for 7 days.  I guess it's going to take 7 more days for me to recover.  I'm still loopy from the trip.

While we were in Nashville we drove to Franklin, a small town straight out of a storybook.  After we all had lunch at Pucketts (oh my shrimp burgers) I.T. girl and I wanted to walk down main street to the Landmark Booksellers.  This was the most fabulous bookstore I've ever been through.  WOW!  I'm pretty sure I've never taken photos of a bookstore before, but I sure did this time  Oh, and let me warn you, all I had was a little Kodak EasyShare camera in my purse.  I think the photos will be able to convey the atmosphere.  Take a look.
This bookstore is housed in a 2 story historical house complete with creaky stairs and beautiful details.  You can imagine a family living there.
 The cookbook room set up in the kitchen!
 Beautiful.  The room invites you to sit a spell and read a little.

 It was a quiet store with just a few customers milling about.  The lady at the front left us alone to pour over the books.  We looked at every single one of them.

 This historical marker was out front, but it's not exactly the reason I took the photo.  Can you tell why I took it?  Let me enlarge the image............

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