Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Day of Thanksgiving!

Oh the joy of waking up in a quiet house with nowhere to go.  I'm going to drink a pot of coffee and watch cooking shows all morning.  Ironman got up early and left for a race.  He'll return about 2pm.  Both daughters are asleep and I'm going to let them sleep.  They can both sleep to noon if they choose. I enjoy a quiet morning.

Look what I bought:

 Yes.  I had to go buy a video cassette recorder.  We did not own one.  

 I've often wished I had the time and energy to have these videos uploaded onto DVDs.  Uploaded?  Is that the word?  Transformed?  Metamorphsized?  Well, you know what I mean.  I did some research online.  Okay, I read the banner at Target the other day while I was having some prints done for school.  I decided I'd send one or two of them off and see what I got.  But first I wanted/needed to watch the crazy videos.  Yes, they are labeled but I'm still not sure exactly what is recorded.

I looked at my family.  "Do we have a VCR?"  They all stared at me.  Of course Dancer Girl replied, "You mean an MP3?"  I'm pretty sure she doesn't even remember what a video tape looks like or how it works.

Once I get a bee on my bonnet I can not get it out!  I went online and did a search on Amazon.  All that showed up were used VCRs.  So I just did a WWW search and found the above machine at  You know, that place I NEVER go?  I was forced to break my anti-walmart shopping streak.  I picked it up yesterday.

Now all I was searching for was a machine to play the tapes so we could watch them.  But this machine actually claims to have the power to record said video onto a DVD.  WOOP WOOP.  I haven't tried it out yet.  So I will let you know.

So glad I have a tech geek daughter who can just handle it.  "Here you go.  Your project for Thanksgiving Week"

By the way my other daughter will be building her wind project for science fair this week.  The Engineer will be home Tuesday.  I've already warned him that she'll need a little help.  Or a lot of help.

In other news:

Remember how I told you about the Revlon nail polish that boast it will not chip or fade for 11 days?

I painted my nails on Monday afternoon.  They looked like this;

And here they are day #5.  

Hmmmm.  Didn't even last a week.  So really no different than my regular nail polish would last.
We were discussing this nail polish at work Thursday and I could already tell it was chipping on the ends.  One lady was just over the top concerned.  She questioned me like this;
"Did you use a filler?"  "Did you use a bottom and top coat both?"  "Did you apply 2 coats of the revlon polish"  "You must have gotten a bad jar"  "You must have done something wrong"  "You don't know what you are doing"

Okay she didn't say those last 2 comments.  But the way she was questioning me it was as if she was sentencing me to a life with no manicures ever!  I was wondering to myself if her middle name is REVLON.  Some people are quite intense.  And narcissistic.  How dare I find HER FAVORITE NAIL POLISH inadequate.  Wow.

So this week I will  watch the family videos, complete the science fair project along with Dancer Girl and The Engineer.  I will make a list of Christmas Gifts to order.  I will take a Christmas Card Photo and design the Christmas Card for this year, have them printed, mail them out on Friday.  I will go by the Post office and purchase Christmas Stamps.  (Oh, I may just order them online this morning while my house is quiet and I have the computer to myself) I will cook and bake and watch TV, stay up late, sleep late, ENJOY MY WEEK!!


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