Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dear Blog, How Have you Been?

Hello Blog.

I think of you often.

Life is busy, you know.

I have many, many exciting things to tell you.  Halloween was fast and furious as always.  As a preschool teacher I will let you know that this event is almost as exciting as Christmas.  The candy, the costumes, the music, the decorations -- it's a fun time.  Of course, in preschool this is our motto:

No scary ghosts or witches
No creepy crawly bugs
Just lots of Halloween Wishes
and plenty of kisses and hugs

I put that poem inside a decorative bag and fill it with, of course, Hershey's Kisses and Hugs Candy.

Everyone came to school dressed in costume.  We had a Costume Parade.  Sang some fun songs, ate a special Halloween Cookie.  Moms were there to help change from costume to play clothes and then we ran, ran, ran on the playground.  I tried to "run off the sugar".

One small piece of advice to Moms of Preschoolers:  On a special day like Trick or Treat day?  Figure out a way to leave early.  I realize it can be hard with today's hectic schedules.  But when all the children in the class leave after the party with Mom........... the 1 or 2 children that are left at school have many tears.  I do my best to make it special and I hope I succeed.  But I feel just as sad as they.

Do NOT be the last parent to pick up your child.

Day after Day I have one sweet girl who is the last child.  The late fee is $25 a MINUTE.  Yes, a minute.  But Mom is consistently late.   One by one all her friends leave happily with a loved one.  This little girl sits sullen anticipating but knowing that white van won't be there until last.


In other news:  Dancer Girl went to a party.  Yes, they went trick or treating although I wondered if 14 is too old!  I warned her:  Do NOT bring Reese's pb cups into this house!  But she did.  Oh no, she did.  So far I've managed to avoid them

I.T. girl has almost finished her college essays.

The Engineer is home for the weekend.


Things I've googled:

How to Clean a Bathroom like a Professional  (yes, I did.  And yes I learned tricks)
How to Make a Bed like a Pottery Barn Designer (wow.  I'll never make it any other way)
Lisinopril rash.  Ugh.  I've been off the med for 3 weeks.  Rash is still hanging around.  Itchy
My Dryer Is Taking Too Long to Dry.  Ironman won't look at it.

OH, should I include a link for each?  Oh my.



  1. Oh what a shame that little girl is always waiting to be picked up. I do feel for her.
    Halloween is becoming too much for some people. I know a couple in their 80's who find it so stressful to keep answering the door - this Halloween they turned all their lights off and were sitting in fear in the dark watching the TV.

  2. I understand about the door to door trick or treating. Bless them.