Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nail Polish

Yesterday at school Mrs. O asked me about my nail polish.  She said she had heard of a nail polish that was very similar to the gel polish you get at salons.   That this nail polish was guaranteed to last 10 days with no chips or fading.  Wow.  That got me to thinking.

After school I ran by CVS.   I had a 25% off your entire purchase coupon and it was expiring in one day.  I needed a few things anyway so it was my chance to look at the nail polish.

Here is what I bought:

Color:  200  Stormy Night
Pretty, huh.  Not too purple.  Not too gray.  Not too halloweenish.

I tend to lean toward the pink/purple colors.  In fact I have way too many of that same color.  I took a walk on the wild side and bought from a different section of the color wheel.  I'm a maverick.

The polish went on as smooth as any polish.  I noticed nothing different about the thickness or "paintability"  Is that a word?  What I mean is it went on my nails just like regular nail polish.

Here are my nails right after I painted them.  I took it with my phone.  I just had to.  I had wet nails!  So the photo isn't that great.  You'll understand I'm sure.

I'm going to keep track for you and test it out.  It would be nice to find nail polish that would honestly last more than a week.  And this week my nails will get a workout.  I'm a teacher so naturally I wash my hands more than the average bear.  Over and over and over again!  For supper we had shrimp so my painted nails peeled and deveined a couple of pounds.  Typing and cleaning and opening and closing and folding and clearing - this will surely be THE TEST for this nail polish.

I have to say the color is still shiny and smooth.  No chips.  Onward to tomorrow.

In other news:  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my rash.  I've been off the medicine for 3 weeks.  The rash has gotten better in some places and today I noticed it breaking out in other places.  The itching is ............. well, the itching is maddening.

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